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Chuck Lorre may see a future for Two and a Half Men without Charlie Sheen, but the actor insists to his former boss that "no one cares about your feeble show without me."

In an angry, profanity-laced letter to TMZ, Sheen blasted Lorre for reportedly devising a Men reboot with a new actor opposite Jon Cryer next season.

Charlie Sheen reportedly written out of Two and a Half Men

"MY fans may tune in for a minute, but at the end of the day, no one cares about your feeble show without me," Sheen wrote. "Shame on you. Not even a phone call to the man that put you on the map. The man that put 500 million dollars in your pockets. You were on your way out of Warner Bros. with a buy out and a cup of cold coffee in your shaky and clammy hands. And then I walked into your office. And you created a show BASED ON MY AWESOME LIFE. I busted my a-- for 8 years to support your vision. Your dream. In turn, it is my nightmare."Sheen, who is suing Lorre and Warner Bros. for $100 million over his firing, called Lorre a "sad silly fool," an "a--hole p---- loser" and a "low rent, nut-less sociopath" before also taking shots at Alcoholics Anonymous. "They are planning on voting you off the AA island.  Even those clowns have no room for you anymore," he wrote.

Charlie Sheen: "I want my job back"

"I'm out here with my fans every night. The message is crystal clear; NO CHARLIE SHEEN. NO SHOW," Sheen continued. "And that's exactly what it will be for you and your desperate vanity cards, every Monday night, a no-show. The ratings right now are not a fluke. It's a big fat mess. A 2.0 demo? That sucks. Almost as bad as you. You've been warned."He closed with a quote from his film Young Guns

: "Reap the whirl-wind you cockroach, reap it."