Jon Cryer, Charlie Sheen Jon Cryer, Charlie Sheen

Two and a Half Men co-creator Chuck Lorre has devised and presented a plan that would reboot the sitcom with Men's Jon Cryer appearing alongside a yet-to-be-cast new character, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Quoting sources, the trade said Cryer's role in the revamped series would be "significant."

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The move suggests that Lorre is unwilling to have Charlie Sheen back on the show, despite the actor's public and behind-the-scenes lobbying. The new cast member wouldn't make "Sheen money," but he is expected to be paid handsomely.

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While the new concept for the show is not public, it seems to counter speculation of a revolving lineup of multi-episode guest roommates who'd appear opposite Cryer.

Additionally, CBS has yet to announce that Men will be coming back at all, though it is expected to do so. Some say if it does return, it may debut midseason instead of in the fall, to allow time for the necessary retooling.