Chadwick Boseman's Saturday Night Live debut was a tad overshadowed by musical guest Cardi B, who, during her second performance of the evening, made a big announcement without saying a word. While performing "Be Careful," the rapper revealed that she is expecting a bundle of joy, as the camera panned out on her full silhouette in a form-fitting dress that revealed her growing baby bump. (Her initial performance featured her in a gown with much more concealing layers of fabric.) Happy early first Mother's Day to her!

The episode also began with a cold open featuring Alec Baldwin returning to his well-worn role as Donald Trump again. This time the faux POTUS appears at a press conference alongside the leaders of the Baltic States in which he throws out his prepared remarks and decides to wing it before passing the mic to other leaders and engaging in an inner monologue of praise for the Roseanne revival and slapping down questions about his various activities of late, including sending troops to the Mexican border and his recent attacks on Amazon and Jeff Bezos.

For his part, Boseman really shines during his appearance on "Black Jeopardy" as his Black Panther hero T'Challa — although he does terribly in the actual game at first. Turns out, the King isn't as familiar with current events and trends as some of his American competitors, considering he hails from the pristine, technologically advanced nation of Wakanda. Once he gets to the subject of a guest bringing some potato salad to a picnic, though, he catches right on.

It's not quite a deleted scene from Black Panther, like what Sterling K. Brown brought to the mix, but it's good to see His Highness making good on that promise to join the rest of the world!