For the past two seasons and change, fans of Hannibal(or Fannibals, as we prefer to be called) have been wondering whether the titular character will get caught. But now we're wondering: Will he be saved?

After NBC recently took a page from Dr. Lecter's handbook and abruptly, cruelly murdered the show, creator Bryan Fuller says there's a chance Will Graham and the gang could rise again on one of the streaming giants. In an interview with Deadline, Fuller indicated that "there is potential" that Amazon Prime could swoop in and save the day. Fans have been clamoring for Netflix to take it over, but that's unlikely, Fuller said, given the exclusive distribution deal already in place with Amazon Prime.

Fuller's been burned by cancellations before: Fan favorites Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies were both taken off the air too soon. He said overall, the odds of Hannibal getting resurrected are "50/50": "It feels like the way this particular show is set up there is potential for a deal to be done. I know conversations are being had. It's just a matter if they can come to an agreement that is mutually beneficial to the studio and the distributor."

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Moving Hannibal to a streaming service would almost certainly mean releasing all the episodes of a season at once. Fuller said that could be an opportunity for them to do something new with the show, which is known for is conceptual artistic flourishes.

"I do think that there is great benefit for Hannibal to be on a streaming service in terms of the enthusiasm of the fanbase and the accessibility that streaming services offer. It would open up an immediacy to the show in a way that we haven't had before," he told Deadline. "I love the idea of serving out to an audience course by course. So even if it ends up on a streaming service it might be interesting to break it down in a way that redefines streaming services." (For instance, he suggested, releasing only two or three episodes at a time, like a "mini movie trilogy.")

Read the full interview here.

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