Bones Bones

If you're as bummed as we are that the Bones panel at Comic-Con was scrapped at the last minute, take heart: Fox has released a small piece of what fans would have seen at the panel.

Bones Exclusive: Who's the new gravedigger?

Although the video clip below contains no new footage (shooting on the new season only began earlier this week), it's a fun little ride through last season. The sizzle reel includes a montage of disgusting skeletons, plenty of squintern playfulness and more than a little talk about babies. In fact, the clip ends with David Boreanaz's  Booth yelling, "Bang! Mama Bones!"In light of last season's cliff-hanger, we can only imagine the laughs/cheers that line would have gotten inside one of Comic-Con's packed halls. Bones returns Thursday, Nov. 3 at 8/7c on Fox.