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Blindspot: 11 Burning Questions We Need Answered

Starting with, what's Jane's agenda?

Liz Raftery

Even though Blindspot fans now have an answer to the big mystery of who tattooed Jane (Jaimie Alexander), don't expect the show's pacing to slow down in the back half of the season. Jane learning that she put the ink on her own body only leads to a whole host of other questions about her true identity - and she's not the only one whose fate is up in the air.

"There are huge twists coming," creator Martin Gero tells TVGuide.com.

Here are the 11 biggest questions we need answered in the coming episodes.

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1. Why did Jane want to infiltrate the FBI? That's a question that even Jane is wondering - and the answer may no longer make sense to her. "She had a different set of circumstances," Gero teases. "What the memory wipe has allowed Jane to do is give her some perspective that the Jane of the past maybe didn't have. And so, the Jane of the past was working with her best intentions and what she thinks is the right thing to do, but the Jane of the present might disagree."

2. Is Jane really Taylor Shaw? That question will be answered definitively in Monday's episode. "What's so interesting about the back half of the season is, we finally get a sense, in a real concrete way, of who Jane was," Gero says. "And the more she finds out about herself, the more distant she feels from that person in the past."

3. Will Jane tell Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and the rest of the FBI what she knows? Not right away - but keeping the secret will definitely take a toll, especially since Jane's only friends at this point are her colleagues at the FBI. "What's fascinating about the second half is, suddenly she has moral dilemmas to play," Gero says. "The internal struggle that she suddenly has is about who to trust - the moral compass she feels now, or the person that she was back then? ... It's very rough emotionally for her."

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4. Will Jane and Weller pursue a romance after that kiss? Let's just say that Jane has other things on her mind besides romance for the time being. "It's really hard," Gero says. "She just kissed Weller and was like, 'Yo, I'm down.' And now, she finds out that she is basically a Trojan horse sent inside the FBI, and she realizes how dangerous she could be to everybody. So, she's going to want to pull back. And I think that's a tough thing for Weller to understand, because she can't explain it. She can't say why she's suddenly trying to keep him at arm's length."

5. Will we be seeing more of Oscar? Francois Arnaud, who plays Jane's former lover, has signed on to the cast - so yes, we'll be seeing a lot more of Oscar in the back half of the season. And he'll play a pivotal role in terms of giving Jane information about her past - but what he tells her, especially about her new friends at the FBI, may be tough to swallow. "At the end of the day, she wants to trust Oscar," Gero says. "She desperately wants to know what information he has. But these people have become a family to her, and she's still spending every day with them. So, how she navigates those relationships I think is really fun and interesting."

6. With CIA Deputy Director Tom Carter (Michael Gaston) out of the picture, are there other government threats to worry about? Definitely.Monday's midseason premiere will introduce John Hodgman's character, Fisher - a government agent from the Office of Professional Conduct who's gunning for Mayfair's (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) job and is hell-bent on exposing incompetence in her office.

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7. Does Zapata really resign? When we last saw Tasha Zapata (Audrey Esparza), she was preparing to give Mayfair her resignation letter. We'll find out at the beginning of Monday's episode whether she actually goes through with it, but either way, her history of being blackmailed by Carter is the least of her worries. "She struggles with her own demons that will always make her a target in some way," Esparza tells TVGuide.com. "I think until she takes care of her personal things, Tasha's always going to have an issue with somebody. Tasha's an addict, and she's always going to struggle with whether she's going to use, abuse in any form. It's a daily struggle. Will she come back to it? I don't know. It just depends on how she's feeling."

8. How does Patterson deal with David's death? Answer: She doesn't. Patterson (Ashley Johnson) throws herself into work rather than addressing her grief head-on. "Patterson is not great with dealing with stuff emotionally, it turns out," Gero says. "She really just wants to put her head down and work, and that eventually will bite her in the ass." In more ways than one, as it turns out: in Monday's episode, Fisher's discovery that Patterson shared classified information with her late boyfriend means that her job may be on the line.

9. Are the episode titles still anagrams? Surprise: Yes! After initially announcing plans to abandon the anagram gimmick for the second half of the season, Gero has changed his mind. "We were going to do something a lot more complicated, and then we realized, the thing that's more complicated is what the anagrams are about now," he hints. "There are still anagrams in the titles, but unlike the first 10, which were basically just, like, an Easter egg for people to find, these titles have a very definite purpose." For those keeping track at home, the title of Monday's episode is "Cease Forcing Enemy," which happens to be an anagram for "In Case of Emergency."

10. Will we get more details about Weller's relationship with his father? Yes, among a lot of other information about all the supporting characters in the second half of the season. "We do explore these characters' pasts and their family life, and you'll get to see a lot more of that - which I'm thankful for," Stapleton says. "It's not just chasing criminals and trying to solve these cases. We then go into their personal lives and makes them who they are."

11. Will there be more deaths? Consider it likely. "Our characters are in mortal jeopardy every week, so eventually bad things have to happen," Gero teases.

Blindspot returns Monday at 10/9c on NBC.

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