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Blindspot Mega Buzz: Is Jane a Friend or Foe to the FBI?

Get details on Monday's midseason premiere

Liz Raftery

When Blindspotreturns on Monday, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) will get a lot of answers about her identity. But one big question still looms: What kind of person is she?

After the revelation in the winter finale that Jane herself was the mastermind behind her tattoos, the next mystery she needs to solve is why she wanted to devise a plan to infiltrate the FBI.

"We start the season back with a lot of questions," Alexander tells TVGuide.com. "Whether she's good or bad, I don't even know yet. I think it always begs the question of nature vs. nurture. Because I think naturally, deep down, she's a good person. She always wants to help. That's her first instinct. But she could have potentially been nurtured to not be such a good person."

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Adds creator Martin Gero: "What's so interesting about the back half of the season is, we finally get a sense, in a real concrete way, of who Jane was. And the more she finds out about herself, the more distant she feels from that person in the past. ... What the memory wipe has allowed Jane to do is give her some perspective that the Jane of the past maybe didn't have. And so, the Jane of the past is working with her best intentions, and what she thinks is the right thing to do, but the Jane of the present might disagree."

We're guessing Jane's identity crisis will put a strain on the relationships she's formed with the agents at the FBI, including her not-so-platonic one with Weller (Sullivan Stapleton).

"The internal struggle that she suddenly has is about who to trust - the moral compass she feels now, or the person that she was back then?" Gero says.

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