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Blindspot Postmortem: Is [Spoiler] Really Dead?!

The actor weighs in

Liz Raftery

Monday's episode of Blindspot left a lot of carnage in its wake.

First, the Operation Daylight cover-up took a bloody turn when Tom Carter (Michael Gaston) ordered that Saul Guerrero (Lou Diamond Phillips) be murdered inside federal prison before he could have a chance to talk to the authorities. The execution was carried out over the initial protests of Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste), who argued - totally reasonably! - that a better option would be to legitimize Guerrero as an informant, i.e., create a fake paper trail so that whoever is responsible for trying to expose Operation Daylight would be totally neutralized.

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Second, curiosity truly killed the cat when it came to poor, lovesick David (Joe DiNicol) - the cat being David and curiosity being his inexplicable need to follow a suspicious-looking woman into a dark alleyway, where he was brutally stabbed. How guilty is Patterson (Ashley Johnson) going to feel nowabout not taking him back?! (R.I.P. David! We're sorry we ever doubted your intentions.)

The lingering questions at the end of the episode: Who was singing that awesome cover of The Pixies' "Where Is My Mind" during the final montage? (Answer: Sunday Girl.) Was Carter eventually able to convince Mayfair that the correct call was to take Guerrero out, or did he go behind her back to authorize it? Who was the mysterious woman David was following, and who killed him? And, most importantly... is Guerrero really dead?

TVGuide.com chatted with Phillips to find out if we might be seeing more of his villain. Check out our Q&A here:

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TVGuide.com: How were you pitched the character of Guerrero?
Phillips: It was just a straight offer. I got the call, are you interested in Blindspot? I was actually very interested in the show prior to being asked to go on it ... so, that was an easy answer. Especially considering that it was going to be this rather erudite and arrogant bad guy. Those are always fun to play, and especially since I've got such inspirational and humane characters in Longmire and The 33, this was a nice little change of pace for me.

What were you told about the character?
Phillips: Before I got the script it was like, "Oh, they want you go to New York to shoot Blindspot. You're playing No. 2 on the FBI's Most Wanted List." So, immediately my mind goes to, great! I'm going to be wearing wonderful suits and working in penthouses and being driven around in limousines. No, I'm back in the freakin' woods wearing hiking boots and a canvas jacket. I literally walked into the first wardrobe fitting and they had all these plaid shirts, and I said, "You know, I wear a lot of plaid on Longmire. Can't we do something else?"

Did you model the character off any other villains?
Phillips: I didn't model him after anybody, but I was certainly put in the mind of my old friend James Spader. The basic thrust of the show is similar to The Blacklist, and one of the things that I love about James every single week is the character's incredibly articulate and incredibly verbose. They give him these beautiful words to say, and he says them with such ease. He's very cavalier in his delivery. And James does that better than anybody. So, when I first read this script, I went, oh, okay, this is a little Reddington. It's fun to play a character who's unflappable, because I don't think I would be nearly as self-possessed in moments like that.

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Did the producers tell you anything else about the Operation Daylight mystery?
Phillips: They told me absolutely nothing. They totally kept me in the dark, and I'm still in the dark. ... Obviously because I was aware that there were other things going on and that there is a rather insidious storyline that involves Guerrero, I was able to at least play a certain amount of mystery. But as far as knowing where anything is going, I do not.

Is Guerrero really dead?
Phillips: Who knows? I'm still not convinced. It's one of those shows that not everything meets the eye, and it is about overarching conspiracies and secrets and different connections. ... I also have to say that [Blindspotcreator] Martin Gero is the guy that killed me three times on Stargate. But that was science fiction. That's a little easier to do than in something like this, but once again, it's not something that is out of the realm of possibility in my mind.

I don't think anyone saw his death coming.
Phillips: I'm sure some people will go, oh my God, I can't believe they killed Guerrero. ... These guys had a plan before they cast me. It was actually expressed to me that had they known they were going to get me, they would have had a longer-arching plan. So once again, I think now that the character has resonated as well as he has, that might be a thought that they revisit later down the road.

Do you think Guerrero will be back? And were you shocked/saddened by David's death? Sound off in the comments!

Blindspot airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.