Whitney floated over to the other side on Big Brother: Over the Top, but that wasn't enough to save her in Wednesday's double eviction.

As HOH, Danielle cast the tiebreaking vote to evict the Southern belle over Justin, but Whitney says she has no regrets ditching the Ball Smashers for the Late Night Jamboree. "I do feel like the move I made did buy me another week," she tells TVGuide.com. "Two people went out before I did even after I went over, so I think I made the right a choice."

A bad choice she made though? Loudly suggesting a "celebratory dinner" to Justin that confirmed to the Ball Smashers her betrayal. See what Whitney has to say about her verbal faux pas, and what it felt like for Julie Chen to laugh in her face after she guessed that Shelby and Jason were siblings.

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When did you realize it would you going instead of Justin?
I realized it was going to be me instead of Justin probably when Danielle started her speech. She started out saying that she was going to remain loyal no matter what, and since she and Justin had been working together throughout this entire game, that's when I knew for sure that I was going home.

You still thought there was a chance she'd turn on him because he's a bigger threat?
I thought there was a pretty good chance because Justin is a very well-rounded player. He's very, very intelligent and very good at competitions, even though he hasn't won them. He's very smart and he's the biggest physical threat in the whole house. I thought maybe she would see Justin as a much bigger threat than me and maybe I still had a chance, but I guess not! [Laughs]

You played both sides of the house pretty effectively for a couple weeks before you were found. At what point did you realize it would be in your best interest to cozy up more with Justin and the Late Night Jamboree?
I thought that it would be in my best interest to go to that side of the house when I realized that my name was being thrown around by my side of the house due to Scott and Alex. When I got word that they were throwing my name around, I knew that I had to act and act quickly. I was already up on the block, so that's when I was like, "I gotta make some moves." So that's why I did what I did.

Why do you think they were throwing your name around?
I think they were throwing my name around because they saw me as a threat to their endgame. Obviously I did not perform very well at the competitions. But I think they were so, so scared was of my social game and how America might view me, so I think that's what they were taking into account. I don't think they thought they could beat me if I were to go to the end with them. That's why I think they were like, "This is a good chance to get Whitney out."

Is that why you think you would've gone home last week instead of Scott?
Yes, that's exactly why. I think that if I were sitting up there, he would've made me seem like a much bigger threat than him, and I think that I would've went home last week when he did.

Do you regret going over to the other side or do you wish you went over there earlier? You were still on the bottom of their alliance, obviously.
I don't regret going over there whatsoever. Like I said, I do feel like the move I made did buy me another week. Two people went out before I did even after I went over, so I think I made the right choice. Honestly, I feel like if Morgan had not gotten that care package, I would still be there. I don't blame me switching sides for leading to me getting evicted. I don't regret that at all.

Your "celebratory dinner" remark to Justin was the moment that really set off the Ball Smashers.
Oh, my God! Please insert foot in mouth! [Laughs] That was so dumb of me! I almost died when I realized that everyone had heard what I said. I said that to Justin because Justin was going to get backdoored that week. It was getting thrown around that if everything had worked the way Shelby had wanted it to that he would be the backdoor situation. So I said that to him because Justin was my best guy friend in the house. I knew Justin had my best interests. He was the only person who would tell me if my name was being thrown around or if I [was] going to go up. He's the one who looked out for me. When I realized he wasn't going up, I was like, "You know, Justin, we should have a celebratory dinner," but little did I know that that comment is going to follow me forever! But that's OK.

You should've whispered it. You said it too loudly.
I know! I was like screaming it! But whatever.

Whitney, Big Brother: Over the TopWhitney, Big Brother: Over the Top

You thought of a pretty good excuse, although they didn't buy it at all.
No, they didn't buy it at all. I'm pretty good thinking off the top of my head. I was like, "You know, he's not a Have-Not anymore," which kind of makes sense, but they definitely didn't buy it.

You told Julie that you want to visit Justin in New Orleans, but you can't bring your boyfriend with you. Is your boyfriend going to be cool with that?
I know. We're going to have to work something out. [Laughs] My boyfriend is my whole world. I know if Justin would give him a chance, he would love him. All Justin did all season was sing and my boyfriend is a DJ. So I know If Justin could open his mind a little bit, he would love Winston. I think Winston's really going to respect that Justin was my best guy friend in the house. He really was at one point the only person who had my back. I'm thinking we can work something out.

Winston can do remix of Justin's pizza song.
Oh, my Gosh! That would be amazing! I'm hoping that my birthday song that Justin had made for me, hopefully Winston can remix something with that, because that was amazing. [Laughs]

You guessed that Shelby and Jason were siblings, and Julie laughed in your face.
[Laughs] I know, I know! I was really just trying to talk myself in to that because that would be hilarious. ... I did not suspect [Alex and Morgan] at all, but it's literally all I've thought about since Julie told me. Now that I know, I'm putting two and two together. I'm like, how did I not realize? They're both blonde, they're both from Texas, they're both gymnasts, they both suck at cooking, they both said their moms microwave everything. I just don't know how I missed it because hey were my best friends for 47 days. I'm so stupid! [Laughs]

You thought it was Shelby and Jason.
Shelby is so L.A. and Jason is so Massachusetts. I just said them because the whole season they were like, "We're the twin twist!" Totally kidding, but I kind of wanted to believe it for a second because it would've been so funny.

Who do you think is playing the best game right now?
Probably Jason, which is not unexpected. He's a veteran, although he didn't last very long his last time. When you do this more than once, I assume you learn from your mistakes. Jason is playing a very good game. His side of the house is stacked with people who are very intelligent and can win a competition at any moment. And he really hasn't gotten a lot of blood on his hands because he hasn't been Head of Household minus this past week, and he won [Veto] and pulled his person down. I think Jason is the biggest threat in the house right now.

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