"Expect the unexpected" took on a whole new meaning on Big Brother: Over the Top Thursday.

Over the Top is the first Big Brother season to take place during a presidential election, and the remaining six houseguests were definitely the only people left in the world who had no idea who won. Host Julie Chen finally broke the news to them Thursday, two days after the fact.

"With 306 electoral votes the next president of the United States will be... Donald Trump," Chen says.

Jaws, meet floor.

Kryssie and Shelby, Big Brother: Over the TopKryssie and Shelby, Big Brother: Over the Top

"Julie, you're joking," Shelby says. "What the f--- happened while we were in here?"

Gay people, where were you?" Jason shouts. "Minorities, where were you? ... Can we just stay in here for the next four years?"

"Oh, it's going to be sh-- when we get out," Justin adds.

When TVGuide.com spoke to the houseguests before the season started, many of them were rooting for a Hillary Clinton victory. "I hope I don't have to move to Canada when I get out of there," Shelby said. "It's time for our first female president."

"If I'm still in there [during the election], everyone out here better do the right thing," Jason said. "Hillary all the way!"

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