Scott was the first person inside the Big Brother: Over the Top house, but he won't be the last to leave. The superfan was the fifth person evicted last week, after getting nominated by America and burned by Danielle, who used the Veto on Whitney instead of him like she had promised.

That's alright with him, though, since he happily "fell on the sword" for Alex. What's not alright with him is his ride-or-die being America's nominee this week. broke the news to Scott during our chat. Keep reading to see his reaction — and why he's "really disappointed" in the Late Night Jamboree.

You've had a few days to process everything and get caught up. How do you look back on the experience now?
Yeah, I've been bingeing on Rob Has a Podcast and catching up on all the things that I missed in the house while I was in the house. I'm really happy about most of the decisions I made in there. I'm really disappointed with the other side of the house, the Late Night Jamboree. I really did like just about everyone in the house, but now that I'm out and I'm seeing the things I missed, I'm just really disappointed by the way they're playing.

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Like what? Can you give examples?
Absolutely. Apparently when Alex was the safety servant, Big Brother requested her to go up to the bathroom to clean it. And before she got up there, Jason chose to spit in the bathtub so she would have to clean up his spit. That's really disgusting and, honestly, I had a lot more respect for Jason before I found that out.

When Alex was going to up to the HOH room, Justin asked her if she was going to feed the fish. Alex says no and goes into the HOH, and Justin has a little temper tantrum and was like, "I can't believe she'd say no to feeding the fish. I hope America sees what a sh---y person she is."

Kryssie wiped her armpits and farted on me and Shelby's pillows. That was really uncalled for. And Danielle - just some of the comments she's made about the girls in general, specifically Shelby and Alex, saying, "I hate her. I want to drag her by her hair." Things like that. I'm just really disappointed.

So you feel like you sided with the right side of the house.
Absolutely. I haven't seen anything half that controversial out of any of those girls. I'm really proud of them and I think all four of those girls have done a really great job and are great people. I'm just really disappointed in the Late Night Jamboree and the things that they're doing.

How confident were you that Danielle would use the Veto on you, given your contentious history?
Scott: I was actually 85 percent confident. If I had known that she was going to use it on Whitney, I obviously would've campaigned a lot more. But in the moment, when you feel that confident about someone following through with a plan, you don't want to overplay and you don't want them to think, "Oh, why is Scott being so nervous right now? I already told him I'm going to use him and he's still campaigning. He doesn't trust I'm going to follow through." So that's why I didn't talk to her more. I actually was going to offer her a longer deal once she used the Veto on me because I didn't want to seem desperate. If Danielle was willing to let bygones be bygones and keep me and Alex off the block, obviously that shows a great deal of strategic gameplay and someone who could put the game above their emotions. I really did think I would take Danielle pretty far if she had used the Veto on me.

You told Julie [Chen] that you knew you lost the game when she said it'd be a final three instead of a final two. Why were you so sure you didn't have a chance and couldn't turn it around?
Scott: I just had a lot of misperceptions in the house, I guess, about people's popularity outside of the house. Especially the first three days or so, everyone's telling these stories that could go on for a half-hour. Most of my stories are pretty short and sweet. I don't know. I guess I felt like I wasn't being that entertaining the first couple days and that sort of stuck with me. And being the only houseguest to be a Have-Not twice makes you think, "Oh, America's making me a Have-Not because they don't like me." I guess I'm not really sure.

I don't want to say [I was] isolated, but nobody wanted to work with me after Day 9. There were, like, six people who didn't want anything to do with me from a game point, at least that's how I perceived it. It sort of gets to you and it makes you think about the context in the bigger picture of the game. I felt like there were a decent amount of possibilities where I could win if it were a final two. Once she said final three, I knew there were people on the other side of the house I could potentially beat, but I didn't want to reward their gameplay by letting them get that far. Now that I'm out of the house and I see the things they were doing, I think I made the right choice.

Morgan, Scott and Shelby, Big Brother: Over the TopMorgan, Scott and Shelby, Big Brother: Over the Top

When was the exact moment you decide you would help Alex win? Was it when you found out it was a final three or when it became clear you were leaving?
You can look at my very first live Diary Room, I said Alex was my closest ally. That never changed. I felt like we bonded a lot the first week, not just with our common interests, but how the house was treating Shelby. We both really like Shelby. Alex and Shelby were the two I was planning on going to the final three with. I think we're more blunt and direct than some other personality types go, so we got along really well. Once I found out the game was going to end in a final three, that's when I felt like I lost the game and I decided I was going to spend most of energy trying to get all the girls, but specifically Alex and Shelby, as far as possible.

I was always playing to win. I don't want people to think I was legitimately giving up or quitting, but I just felt like the odds were so slim that it was just better to get my friends as far as possible.

If it was a final two, would you have taken Alex to the end or someone else you were confident you could beat?
My ideal endgame scenario when I thought it was a final two was, I was going to bring Alex and Shelby to the final three. I still feel that Alex deserves a shot to win the grand prize. However, if it was me, Alex and Shelby, I believe Shelby and myself would've taken each other to a final two over Alex. I wanted to give Alex a chance to compete in that final three.

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Do you regret giving up for Alex now that you know she was playing with her sister?
No, absolutely not. I was actually really relieved when I found out Alex and Morgan were sisters. My perception inside was that it was me, Alex and Shelby within the Ball Smashers, and then Whitney and Morgan was a unit of two. I was really worried that Whitney would want to team up with Justin and go to the other side of the house.

She sort of has.
Yeah. But once I found out Morgan was Alex's sister, I know Whitney won't have Morgan flip with her. I was afraid Whitney would be able to flip Morgan to the other side.

Do you think your alter ego Scotty attacking Danielle ultimately led to your eviction? You sort of took a page from Evel Dick.
It's hard to say. I think the things I did [were] pretty tame, especially now that I've seen the things other people were doing. ... It was getting into my head that Kryssie hasn't been a Have-Not yet or American's nom. I felt like Kryssie was pretty popular with America. I decided from Day 9 or so to make Kryssie my public enemy. After it started getting in my head that Kryssie might be one of the more popular houseguests, I decided I needed to switch my enemy target to Danielle because she was the only surviving America's nominee. That was the main reason I did it. I needed to do anything to stay in that house over Neeley. I don't regret it. Shaking my protein shake isn't the worst thing in the world. Telling Danielle she sleeps all day — compared to some of the things I've now seen, I have no regrets.

When I talked to Shane, he says he goes "brain dead" when he thinks of you. So how would you describe your relationship with him?
I haven't reached out to any of my former houseguests yet, but I plan to do so as soon as possible. I think Shane's a pretty chill guy. If I was going to keep the person I liked more, I would've kept Shane over Danielle. I think Shane took it really hard that he was taken out of the house. ... Once we got to the eviction and he did his little speech, I've checked out Twitter a little bit and I don't think he has any intention on wanting to continue a friendship with me, but we'll see. Honestly, when it comes down to that whole other side of the house, I have no regrets about the way I treated them. I feel like I made the right choices.

America's nominee was just announced. Do you want me to tell you who it is?
Yes, tell me who it is.

It's Alex. I know you were pushing for Kryssie.
[Sighs heavily] Are you serious? Well, hopefully they can win the Veto and take down Alex. I guess it would be six votes total. Hopefully Alex can get herself off the block or one of the girls can take Alex off.

Morgan's the other Veto player.
Oh, awesome! That's good. Do you know what happens when there is a tie including America's vote? Which HOH breaks the tie?

It's whoever performs better in the Veto. So you want Shelby to do better than Jason.
Oh, wow. God, that's intense. Yeah, obviously, I hope Shelby does better than Jason. That's going to be pretty important. It's disappointing. I just don't understand why the Jamboree just seems to be getting as much support as they are.

They were against them for a couple weeks. I think America kind of supports whoever's the underdog that week, for the drama. I don't know.
Yeah, maybe. I think it's unfortunate that Alex and Morgan came into the game as sisters. I think a lot of people are holding that against them and they see it as an advantage. But really, they have to keep that secret. They do look a lot alike. They're both from Texas. If they're ever exposed, it obviously turns into a tremendous disadvantage. I don't really see the sister twist as an advantage or a disadvantage. It really depends on how well they can play and fool us, the houseguests, and they've done an amazing job in tricking us that they're not sisters. Props to them.

So fingers crossed for your girl.
Yeah, and hopefully Shelby does better than Jason in the Veto!

It is a double eviction Wednesday.
Yeah. I don't know. I'm just disappointed certain behavior is being rewarded the way it is. Sure, you can perceive people to be underdogs and you don't want too much power to go to one side, but certain behaviors are being rewarded that I just can't get behind. If I had to do it all over again, I would just go after the other side even harder.

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