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Big Brother: Over the Top's Neeley Still Can't Stand Scott

Plus: Why she never suspected Alex and Morgan were sisters

Joyce Eng

After a one-week respite, America's nominee got the boot for the third time in four evictions on Big Brother: Over the Top. Neeley was the casualty this week, and she went down swingin', calling out Scott in a fiery eviction speech. (We are sure Big Meech would approve.)

"I knew that last-minute speech wouldn't change anyone's mind," Neeley tells TVGuide.com. "I just wanted everyone to know the truth about him."

Keep reading to see what else she has to say about her mortal enemy, what the Late Night Jamboree needs to do now, and why she never suspected that Alex and Morgan might be related.
Big Brother: Over the Top's Shane on how Scott leaves him "brain dead"

Did you have a feeling you were going, being America's nominee, and the house being so divided?
It was a 50-50 split for me. I definitely knew it was a possibility for sure, but I was hoping that America would vote for Scott or one of those girls would've voted in my favor. I knew there was a good chance [I would leave], but I also had hope.

Your speech was insane. What was your thought process when you came up with that?
Oh, thank you! [Laughs] I just really wanted people to know that whether I stayed or left that Scott is not trustworthy. Ever since he stepped foot into the house, he has been all over the place. He thought he had a Day 1 alliance, but I don't think he ever had a true alliance with anyone. He's tried to make deals with every single person in that house. I just wanted people to know he can't be trusted and at any given moment he'll throw you under the bus to save his own behind. I mean, everyone does that to some degree, but it's way too early in the game and with the house being so divided, it's too early to really throw people in your own alliance under the bus. He was definitely somebody you can't trust.

I don't think your speech was going to -- nor did it -- make the girls vote differently, but going forward, do you think they'll reconsider working with him?
I've voted and I've been on the block, obviously, so I knew that last-minute speech wouldn't change anyone's mind; I just wanted everyone to know the truth about him. I think the only reason Scott is there is because ... Alex and Morgan know that as long as he's there, he will be a target that will hopefully deflect away from Alex. Everyone from my side is coming for Alex and they know that. With Scott in the house, that's someone they can try to throw up there and try to get out of the house before her.

When I talked to Shane last week, he said he goes "brain dead" when he thinks about Scott. So how would you characterize your relationship with him?
[Laughs] That's hilarious! I just don't think Scott is a good player. He is not a good player. Unless he can kind of manipulate both sides of the house, I don't see him winning. I just see him being a pawn in Alex and Morgan's grand scheme to win the game. He's not a competitive threat. I know he won an HOH, but it wasn't some super physical challenge. None of us are scared of him. He doesn't have a super strong social game. We all know that if we tell him something, he'll go right back and tell someone else. He's just not a threat. I think the only way he can stay is if he says, "Hey, as long as you keep me in the game, I'm someone people will want to get out before they get you out."

If the house remains split, do you see America ever voting him out or do you think America wants him to stay for the drama?
I don't know. You're more in the internet streets these days than I am. He does keep it spicy, so that's exciting. I call those girls "The Human Centipede" and those girls -- except for Shelby -- are not confrontational. They're not going to get with you, they're not gonna get spicy. If you want someone from the other side that will keep stirring that pot, then Scott's the only one from that side that's going to do that.

Do you think America will always nominate someone from the other side of the house if one side is in power?
Oh, yeah! Who doesn't like power? Who doesn't like telling people they aren't in control like they think they are? I think every time one side is in power, they're going to try their best to stir the pot and throw a wrench into whatever plan whoever is in power has. Kryssie won [HOH] and Alex was public enemy No. 1, but Alex got the care package, so dang, can't get her out. We put two other people from that side and then American nominates me. So yeah, it's exciting for America to let the HOH know, "Child, you don't have any power whatsoever. You gotta do what we want you to do." I think they'll always try to mess it up and always be the ultimate power.

Whitney, Scott and Neeley, Big Brother: Over the Top

Whitney, Scott and Neeley, Big Brother: Over the Top

Lisette M. Azar, CBS

What do you think the Late Night Jamboree has to do now going forward? They don't have the numbers right now.
I think they have to start working together at some point [with the Ball Smashers]. That's why I always tried to keep friends on both sides. It's inevitable. One side will eventually go away and the numbers will always shift, so if you don't have friends on the other side, you're pretty much digging your own grave. I think Justin has a good shot at that because he has friends on both sides of the house. Morgan, even though she lied to me and lied to Kryssie about keeping me safe, is friendly with us. I think both sides will eventually have to work with each other and if you want to stay in this game, you'll have to do that.

Can you picture Jason and Shelby working together?
[Laughs] Jason is one of those people who, he'll throw shade at you and have an argument with you, but the next day, he'll be smoking a cigarette next to you. You can't stay mad in this game. You can't hold shade over people's head or hold grudges; you'll need these people. They might even be working together now behind the scenes and are just having these arguments to throw people off. So absolutely. Plus, Jason likes having arguments and blowups. He finds fun in it.

You lied about your age in the house. Do you think that ultimately helped you?
Absolutely. I didn't want people to think I was older or smarter. I just wanted people to think I was one of them, like, I'm just young and silly and this crazy party person, instead of someone who's older and a little more settled. I never wanted to come across too mature or too smart.

I will tell you that some people thought you were lying about your age.
Oh, really?!

Yeah, they thought you were older. They also thought you're related to someone famous.
[Laughs] Like who?

I think Alex was saying you were Michael Jackson's cousin. They also thought you were lying about your job and thought you were famous, like a reality star or social media star.
[Laughs] OK, I'll take that. That's cool.

You were completely floored when Julie [Chen] told you Alex and Morgan are sisters. You really didn't suspect anything?
People were saying that they thought they look alike. They don't look alike to me at all. And their personalities are so different. Morgan is obviously bubbly and real friendly and just a social butterfly. And Alex is just kind of awkward, not in a bad way. The only thing to me that they had in common is that they're both really fit and really competitive. So I was surprised by that. Looking back on it now, they were always borrowing each other's stuff and the few times Alex wanted to talk to me, she would always have Morgan with her. I just thought Morgan was using Alex as a crutch, but now I see they kind of need each other.

How far do you think they'll go before anyone figures it out -- if anyone ever figures it out?
Unless they let it slip to someone in their alliance, like if they get too comfortable with Shelby and Whitney, I don't think anyone will figure it out.

Who do you think is playing the best game right now?
Whitney, definitely.

No one's targeting her.
Exactly. No one's targeting her. She's super sweet. She's like everyone's little darling. Everyone's in love with the accent and her being so cute. She's not making any waves. She's probably playing the best game.

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