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Big Brother 18's Michelle Explains Her Bizarre Exit Behavior

Is she really related to Dan Gheesling?

Sadie Gennis

No one can ever say that Michelle doesn't know how to make an exit.

The superfan was evicted from the Big Brother 18house on Thursday. And while she had lain low all week, in her final moments Big Meech did everything in her power to live up to her two already iconic eviction speeches from earlier this summer.

So what did Michelle do for her final mic drop? She openly threatened the houseguests with her uncontrollable tears. She promised to go after Victor if she stayed. She called Nicole out for "floating her way to Final 2." She randomly yelled, "Dan Gheesling is my cousin-in-law." And she stole Paul's beloved inflatable pelican, Pablo.

Yeah, this girl knows how to take a bow.

Check what Michelle has to say about her confounding exit, if she has any regrets and what she thinks James should do next below.


Do you regret not campaigning to stay earlier in the week?

James was blindsided by your eviction. What do you think his next move should be?
Win HOH, get Nicole out.

As your final words, why did you choose to say Dan Gheesling is your cousin-in-law?
I did this to do one last shebang to cause some chaos and paranoia [and] to have Nicole feel bad about evicting me since she's a big fan of his. Plus, I wanted to give him a shout out. PS. Dan is not my cousin/cousin-in-law.

Why did you take Pablo, Paul's inflatable? And will you take him with you to the jury house?
I took him because if Paul wasn't going out the door, I wanted to see a part of him go. No, I do not want to spend time with that thing, I want to pop it. It's actually really dirty.

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