On Thursday's Big Brother, Michelle was evicted after HOH Nicole had to break the tie-vote. Viewers knew this was coming. Paul, Victor and Corey knew this was coming. Heck, even Michelle suspected this would be coming. But James was completely blindsided. And for no good reason, too.

Blindsides are a common occurrence on Big Brother, but has there ever been one that was so glaringly obvious? Corey may have been Captain Oblivious last week, but James easily usurped the title this week. Here are nine times he was utterly clueless about what was actually happening in the house.

1. When he never even considered the options.

2. When he was bragging about how close he was to Nicorey.

3. When he was more concerned about his lunch than gameplay.

4. When he took a cue from Olivia Pope.

5. When he completely misjudged his relationship with Nicole.

6. When he should have been a little more paranoid himself.

7. When was so confident he didn't even bother campaigning.

8. When he couldn't read the signs.

9. And of course, when he totally and completely jinxed himself.

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