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Big Brother 18: 11 Times Corey Was Painfully Oblivious This Week

Never change, Corey

Sadie Gennis

Corey has never been a Big Brother player lauded for his smarts, but he hit a new low this week.

After Nicole convinced Natalie to turn on Paul and Victor, Corey became so comfortable in the house he seemingly forgot there was still a competition going on. Of course, that nonchalance has come back to bite him, with Corey now sitting on the block in major danger of eviction.

But even if Corey does get evicted, will he even notice? Here are 11 times Corey was painfully oblivious this week.

1. When he attempted to talk game with Michelle.


2. When he cared more about making out with Nicole than studying for the Veto.


3. When he revealed why he didn't bother studying for the Veto.


4. When he still refused to believe he might get evicted, despite being on the block.


5. His optimism truly is astounding.


6. When he took off his patriotard at the worst possible time.


7. Seriously. Read the room, Corey.


8. This is no time for a strip tease.


9. How has he not realized what's happening yet?


10. This is just getting ridiculous now.


11. There you go, Corey! You did it! We're so proud of you.


We just wish we could hear what Zingbot has to say about Corey this week.

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