Third time's the charm.

After two straight weeks of America's nominee going home on Big Brother: Over the Top, the HOH finally took out his target this week: Scott broke a tie by evicting Shane, thus breaking up his showmance with Danielle.

"I knew it was coming," Shane tells "You can feel it in the house. The whole crowd with Scott and them — I walk in the bathroom and no one talks."

The roofer from North Carolina definitely did the talking in his eviction speech, calling out Scott and the other side of the house. Keep reading below to see why he didn't want to hold back, how he really feels about Scott and if he sees him and Danielle working outside the house.

Big Brother: Over the Top's Monte reveals who he still has a problem with

Scott and the girls were trying to blindside your side with the tie, but you told Julie [Chen] you expected that. How did you figure it out?
Between me and Danielle, I'm a bigger threat and I made it very clear that I wanted Alex out. Alex is the puppet master with that group. Justin told me that night they were going to vote Danielle out. They always do the opposite of what they say. They think they're so smart about that, but they do that all the time. We [the Late-Night Jamboree] had the conversation: "Hey, do you us to tie it and let Scott break the tie?" I said, "Yeah, let's do the tie and see what happens."

I could've had the option where Scott couldn't break the tie. I broke it down in my mind with the Veto. What if Danielle won the Veto and Alex still won the Veto? Danielle would've taken herself off and I would've been up. No one's going to vote out Neeley. What if I'm up next to Kryssie? I'm still going to be voted out because Neeley would keep Kryssie. I ran every scenario that I could've possibly thought of and it still came down to me leaving. I knew I was going to go. ... And I knew I wasn't going to leave without telling them how I felt.

That was a great speech.
[Laughs] I knew that speech wasn't gonna get me any damn pity votes. Like I said, I wasn't going to go upstairs to Scott and the girls and say, "Please don't vote me out." I'm not with that group and I wasn't going to plea with those people that I wasn't going to be with. I was very hotheaded and I'm not going to campaign against Danielle. I did not care for those people. I just knew. If it was me as HOH, I would do exactly what they did. They did a good move. They backdoored me. I wanted to backdoor Alex.

You told Julie you didn't think Scott was there for the money and he said that when you drank the potion during the first HOH was when he sensed you might be off. How would you characterize your relationship with him?
My relationship with Scott is like, every time I think of Scott, I go brain dead. We had so many conversations. I honestly was dicking around with Scott. When you talk to him about game, you're like, "I'm losing brain cells talking to you." I don't understand his game. He said, "I'm here to play week-by-week." That's how he was playing it. I even asked him one night: Are you here for the $250,000?

He was like, "I'm here to get the stipend every week." I was like, "What the hell?" I mean, he was telling us the truth. It rubbed me the wrong way. One night during Week 2, I had this conversation with him. I said, "Hey, if I was on the block, would you vote me out?" He said yes. I was like, "You're really telling me you're going to vote me out?" And he said yes. After that, everything went sour. I was like, "I can't stand this kid." And I can't stand his game. He's going to be very happy he took me out. It's going to be on his resume.

Why do you think he targeted you so hard? Do you really think it's the potion thing like he claims?
That's just a front. The nomination speeches are just bull crap. When I drank that potion, I had looked at Danielle and she was like, "Drink it! Drink it!" ... And I just chugged it. The thing going through my head at that moment was that I had nothing to lose. Someone had to drink it. That's why I drank the potion. I feel like [Scott] just made it up because he had nothing else to say. I think it's because I took out Cornbread and Monte and he was like, "Oh my God! I'm going to be next."

When I interviewed him before the show, he said he wanted to make an all-guys alliance and now three guys in a row have left.
Well, he's a floater, so he's going to last. He and Shelby are floaters. They're going to keep them and then they're going to destroy them. I even mentioned it to Jason, "This is going to be a girls' house." There's nothing wrong with that, but there's going to come a time the girls will start attacking each other.

Shane, Danielle and Neeley, Big Brother: Over the TopShane, Danielle and Neeley, Big Brother: Over the Top

How do you think Danielle will fare now without you in there? She's already a huge target and she was America's nominee this week.
I think Danielle is in an iffy spot. I think the Late-Night Jamboree will take care of her. I told them, "Make sure Danielle is OK." She's a very good player. She's a great thinker. She has a good backing. She has Neeley and Kryssie. But she's still an easy target because America has put her up. The other side will probably use that to their advantage, like, "Oh, America has put you up, so we'll keep it going." That's the thing about America's vote. It's been easy to go, "I guess America wants this." It's going to be hard for her. I hope they won the HOH. I do not know yet who won. If they didn't, all hell is going to break loose. [Laughs] The last thing I told her was, "I'll be outside waiting. Kick ass."

You told Julie that you fell in love with Danielle in there. Where do you see this going outside the house? Do you think she'll really move to North Carolina?
Yeah, I do. I didn't know she wanted to be in North Carolina for two years. Everything went perfectly. I came to win the $250,000 and I completely misjudged the whole game when I met her. [Laughs] She's an amazing person. Her soul is amazing. Physically, of course, she's beautiful. It's her inner beauty that pops. She's a single mother, works hard, very strong. I think it's going to work. I would have never tried if I didn't think it's going to work. The past few days, it just hit me so hard. It was very unexpected.

So no regrets choosing her over Monte?
No, no regrets. Me and Monte became friends Day 1. We were a bromance. We were targets. I was with Monte and then I moved to Danielle. I had two targets on me. I was a double threat. Even when Monte left ... we had a conversation in the storage room. He was like, "If you vote for me to leave, it's fine because it's going to come down to a tie no matter what. Don't stress about it." He understood. There were no hard feelings. At the end of the day, it made sense. He knew if I voted for Kryssie, it wouldn't have came down to a split and who do you think Alex would've voted for, Monte or Danielle, to take out? Danielle, of course. That week was perfect.

Do you think anyone will figure out that Alex and Morgan are sisters before one of them leaves or this is over?
No, they would never figure it out. It's amazing. When Julie told me, they were my first guess. It just made sense. Going in the house, you don't think of stuff like that. When someone mentions sisters, then you put two and two together. But no, they will never figure it out. I am 100 percent positive they will never figure it out.

Do you think one of them can make it all the way, if not both of them?
Oh, if both of them make it all the way, that'd be amazing. Alex has already made herself a threat. If anything, she's going to be next. She's the head of the snake right now.

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