For the second week in a row on Big Brother: Over the Top, America's nominee was sent packing. Monte was locked in a 4-4 tie with Danielle, but that pesky America's vote did him in, just a week after he was the first HOH of the season.

"I knew it was going to be close, but at the end of the day, it was a toss-up," Monte tells "It came down to America's vote. I prepared myself mentally in case it did happen."

See what else Monte has to say about going from hero to zero in a week, his tiff with Justin that escalated very quickly, who he still has a bone to pick with and more.

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Were you surprised by the tight vote or were you kind of expecting it, being America's nominee?
I had a prayer. I was evicted 5-4, so I was close. I was almost still in there. But I did know I had some people targeting me for sure. Whenever America nominates you and makes you a Have-Not, you know you're probably not getting their vote [to stay]. [Laughs] I was a little concerned about that.

Shane chose his showmance over his bromance. Did you really believe him when he told you he would vote to save you and vote out Kryssie instead of Danielle?
No, not really. [Laughs] But that's what I figured. ... I thought the best chance to get his vote was to shoot him straight, to be like, "Look, man, I didn't say they were targeting Danielle. Last I heard, they were going after Kryssie." I did put the plan in motion. ... People might be upset that I had that convo with him, but Shane's smart. He's a lot smarter than he's playing. He's quiet and he knows exactly what he was doing. He probably already had it set in his mind that he was going to vote me out with that side of the house way before me or Scott or anybody else talked to him. Scott really beat his head in saying, "Kryssie, Kryssie, Kryssie." If I had done the same thing, I think that would've been suspicious. I tried. That was the best move I thought I could make to persuade him to vote my way.

The house is clearly divided with two sides.
I know! It clearly is. I hate that. I've connected with Neeley probably better than with anybody. Me, Morgan and Neeley are probably the three closest people in that house. But Neeley is quote-unquote on the other side. I know she was torn because she loved all three nominees. She's an amazing person. Everybody in that house has something great about them. At some point, I had something in common with each of them and I really cherished it. I didn't like seeing the house divided into two sides like it did. I knew exactly who voted for who when the vote came back.

America really laid it on you this week: they nominated you, made you a Have-Not, voted you out. Is that demoralizing?
[Laughs] That didn't feel good! But praise and blame is all the same. That's a phrase I picked up over the years. When I was HOH that first week, I decided being in the shadows is not going to work since I'm HOH. I liked everyone in the house, so I thought the best move was to get the veteran out. But since the veteran was voted in by America, that obviously created a massive target on my back instantly. And since [Jason] is well known and beloved, I knew I wouldn't get the votes from America. I knew Jason had the majority vote. That's the exact reason I tried to get him out last week. If he makes it to the end, he's probably guaranteed to win. I was trying to level the playing field for the rest of the house. ... I had the house behind me. Unfortunately, Jason won the Veto. The game aspect of me was like, "Crap! My main target won the Veto." But on a personal level, I was happy for him.

Do you regret not taking Jason up on his offer to work with him?
Definitely. That would be the main regret I have. Definitely should've teamed up with him instead of Shane since he chose Danielle over me. [Laughs] That's what I love about Jason. I shot him straight, he shot me straight. That's one of the things I respect about him. He said, "Instead of targeting me, why not weaponize me?" That's what I should've done. But at the same time, I didn't know who else to target the first week. I figured the house would be behind me putting the vet up. I think that's a smart strategy to an extent, but if I had known America vote him in the house, I wouldn't have gone near touching him.

After you were nominated, did you adjust your behavior at all to maybe try to appeal to America or even the other side of the house so America wouldn't evict you?
Actually no. I think I got a bad rap there for a few days. I think I treated everybody the same. Me and Neeley worked out every morning. Me and Justin actually rapped together. Me and Kryssie would talk about music all the time. Me and Jason would just laugh all the time about all kinds of stuff. We all still talked to each other. When it comes to game, that's when [the house] is divided.

You had that argument with Justin after you said that he might have stolen his clothes and Neeley asked if you were racist. You clarified to Julie [Chen] that you were joking and was implying that he stole his friends' clothes. How big a part do you think that played in America targeting you?
That's probably one of those things that was twisted around. I think if people went back and watched the entire show ... they can see in no way do I judge anyone based on anything besides how they treat me, and their character. I had no issues with Neeley. If anything, I'm pulling for her to win it all. I told Danielle she was beautiful a couple days in and she told me herself she didn't think I was that way. The whole Justin thing — he's a great guy. He owns his own restaurant. He's a great fisherman. We talked about fishing all the time. We're different people. I'm sure I rubbed him the wrong way. The main thing with Justin was I felt like he was possibly a little unfair to women and how he treated women. I've got two beautiful sisters, and the way he would talk about doing what he wants and leaving the next day, how he's kind of careless with it, rubbed me the wrong way.

Monte, Big Brother: Over the TopMonte, Big Brother: Over the Top

You were really upset when he got naked in front of everyone in the bathroom.
Yes. He clearly sent a message to me and Morgan, who was brushing her teeth. Just dropping his drawers and getting into the shower. Even if I wasn't in the room, that was disrespectful. Sweet Morgan, she was blushing. You've only known this guy for a week and a half and here he is, blasting it all out there. That really rubbed me the wrong way with him. Nothing to do with anything else. If that's the reason America doesn't like me, I'll stand by it. If people don't like because I perceived him to be a little sexist, then I'm glad to be going home. I've got two beautiful sisters and I wouldn't want anyone treating them like that.

Are you and Justin all good now?
Me and Justin are cool. We were working out together. I knew he was going to vote me out, don't get me wrong. [Laughs] At the end of the day, we're two grown men. We put some things that were twisted behind us. We're both chill. I think he's a genuine nice guy with a big heart. I think we got misread because we're so different and people made assumptions. Danielle was the cause of all that [when she told Justin about the clothes comment]. She's the one I still have an issue with, not with Justin. When all is said and done, I'd love to go down to fish with him.

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You think Danielle purposely instigated it?
Definitely. She should've definitely come to me first instead of trying to instigate something. I even told the house. I had nothing against Justin besides him [undressing in front of people]. When it comes to the clothes comment, I understand completely where he's coming from. If someone came up to me and said someone said that about me — and who knows how she worded it to him — I would be offended. I will say Justin didn't handle it in the best, classy, full-of-character way. He definitely kind of came at it aggressively. That's not how I would've done it, but I understand. But yes, Danielle definitely should've approached me first instead of trying to stir the pot. But Danielle's a big player. She knew what she was doing.

We're 2-for-2 now with America's nominee going home. Do you think America has too much power?
[Laughs] I know! That's a game-changer. Now it's back-to-back week. Three nominees the HOH put up are still in the house. I feel sorry for Alex. Now she's got to maneuver and dive. Danielle and Kryssie are still in there and will target her. I hope for her that Morgan or Whitney or Scott or Shelby won HOH or she's going to be in trouble. America voting for a nominee is huge because you're like, "Man, I would've never touched Jason at first."

Julie told you that Alex and Morgan are sisters. Do you think anyone will figure it out inside the house?

Monte: Yeah, man, Julie! I'm just up there doing an interview and already pretty nervous and stunned. Then she dropped the bomb on me. I guessed it on my second [try]. That's crazy. Looking back, it makes perfect sense. They're both blonde, both from Texas. They're just how siblings should be. Once a Longhorn, one's an Aggie. One's a cheerleader, one's more of a book nerd. I was like, "Oh, my goodness!" They definitely avoided each other in the house so no one suspected anything. That's impressive on their part. Honestly, it's not going to be for a while [before anyone figures out they're sisters]. I think they are playing it perfectly, which scares me, but I know they had my back in the end. [Laughs] I think they'll do good. Both of them are strong players. The only way it will happen is if people keep getting evicted and they stay, and there's fewer people in there and you start to notice things more. It'd be several weeks in. I highly doubt it.

Who do you think is playing the best game? You said you were pulling for Neeley to win.
The people I'm pulling for are Neeley, Morgan and Whitney. If Shane wins, I'm not going to be miserable, but he was kind of flippy-floppy. I think he's playing a good game. Danielle's playing a good game. It won't surprise me if Jason wins. He's a likable guy and America loves him. I think Kryssie, Justin and Danielle are a little too vocal. I think they'll eventually get targeted. And Scott too — he's been a little too back and forth. He's got a little heat on him.

He's playing a rat game a little bit, but he voted to keep you.
Yeah, he is. From a human standpoint, I'm glad I got to know him. He's got a lot of layers people don't see. I think he's misunderstood like myself. Those last two days, I really enjoyed getting to know him.

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