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Big Brother: Over the Top's Justin Explains Why He Became Anti-Social

Plus: How does he feel about Whitney's engagement?

Joyce Eng

A whole lot can change in a week on Big Brother: Over the Top, like the most charismatic person in the house basically becoming anti-social.

Justin shut out everyone in his final week, especially on Thanksgiving, explaining that he was homesick and didn't feel like talking to (or cooking for) anyone, which really didn't help his standing with Jason and Kryssie. But was it really just yearning to be home for Turkey Day that caused the change in 'tude and not Jason taking Kryssie to the final three over him?

We caught up with Justin to get the details -- and let him know that Whitney is now engaged to her beau Winston.
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You were really struggling in the final HOH and you haven't historically been great with mental comps, and this had running on top of it. At what point did you feel like this probably won't go your way?
By like the third time -- really, to be honest with you, by the second time, I was having severe breathing problems. So I was like, "Yo, I'm definitely gonna lose this." But I wasn't going to give up, so I kept on pushing myself, but it was very hard for me.

I was hoping that it would've been based on something Big Brother was repeating in the house. They had been repeating some facts from the beginning of the season and I was remembering them. I had a lot of the HOHs remembered and the evicted houseguests. I was hoping it was going to be something of that nature because we hadn't had a challenge like that, but it was absolutely nothing that I really expected. That was the most physical comp we had done all season, so I definitely wasn't expecting that as well.

Your relationship with Jason and Kryssie took a 180 on the last week. You said it was because you were homesick and it was Thanksgiving. How much of it was that and how much of it was you knowing that Jason was taking Kryssie to the final three?
I knew for a fact that nobody was going to take me to the final three, just because they saw me as such a threat. I'm not mad at Jason or Kryssie. Kryssie and I had an argument, but I got over it. Most of that was just me being homesick. I just wanted to be alone in that moment. I just wasn't really myself. I was really homesick and not necessarily upset with what was going on in the game. I already assumed Jason was taking Kryssie, so I wasn't upset about that.

Kryssie said you're there because of her. Do you believe that? Danielle was the one who ultimately saved you with the tiebreaking vote.
Yeah. That was exactly my point. When Kryssie was crying, I thought it was more of a game move. But for her to think that I was still there because of her was over the top. I was just thinking to myself, "If you want to compare notes, the reason why you're here is because I saved you with my Veto in the second week." If we wanted to point fingers, I could've pointed that out to her. It was just irrelevant to me in the moment because I was like, "I'm still here, I'm still fighting. I'm not going to let what you believe bother me right now." So I kind of just turned the other cheek.

You had been dipping your ties into the Ball Smashers a little bit. Do you regret not completely changing sides or do you think you played the right way being friendly with both sides?
I actually feel like I played the right way. Despite everything that happened, I still feel like the end result would've been what it is, just because none of the girls was gonna take me to the end with them. Even if Kryssie had been evicted, he definitely would've taken one of the girls because this is a very important game to him. He felt like if he went to the end with me, he wasn't going to win. I played both sides of the house as long as I could. I don't regret anything. I think I played the game relatively well, but it wasn't meant for me to win. It's all good. I'm in good spirits. Everything's copacetic.

Does that make you feel good that everybody was threatened by your social game?
It doesn't surprise me at all because really the whole game I've been a huge social threat. They had bigger comp threats. Everybody thought I was absolutely trash in the comps, so they didn't really see me as a game threat. But a lot of those competitions, I purposely didn't do well in as a strategic move. Some of them I really did want to win. It was crazy how I could turn that on and off - just my social game carrying me this far without winning any HOHs is really mind-blowing. I'm pretty content with the way everything worked out.

Justin, Big Brother: Over the Top

Justin, Big Brother: Over the Top

Lisette M. Azar, CBS

You lost the final Veto by like 20 seconds to Jason. What would you have done with the Veto?
At that point, I would've just taken Jason off the block. I really was just trying to stay loyal to the OG Jamboree. I just wanted to be with the people that I had been with at the beginning, at the end. However, when I did find out that Kryssie and Jason had a final two alliance that they had created at the beginning of the game, it kind of made me feel a little salty because that made me feel like the odd one out. I tried not to let that bother me. I would've just gone through taking him off the block. I can't focus on what I should or should not have done because I really feel like it would've turned out the way it turned out. I was constantly going over in my head different scenarios and they all were leading back to the same outcome. I did all I could. I tried my hardest.

What was your favorite meal you made in the house?
[Laughs] You know, I made so many meals in the house. None of them tasted the same. I can honestly say my favorite was doctoring up that DiGiorno pizza. Putting the bacon and turkey and the ham with the pepper and the red pepper - that was pretty much my favorite. Worcestershire sauce -- I was really just jazzing that pizza up. I'd have to say that was one of my best and favorite meals in the house.

You need to make the pizza remix your ringtone.
[Laughs] I absolutely love that! I got a chance to see it yesterday. I saw it once in the house, but there's like two versions of it. It was very cool to see the one with the music behind it. That was very entertaining. They did a wonderful job.

Are you going to let Whitney bring Winston to visit you in New Orleans?
[Laughs] Whitney's such a loyal and sweet girl. I'd be more than happy to meet Winston and would definitely hang out with them if they came to New Orleans. It'll be cool. Winston's a lucky man.

Do you know they engaged?
Oh, really? That's incredible! She was talking about that in the house. She was like, "Hopefully when I go home, I'll go home to a ring." And sure enough she spoke it to existence!

I think he proposed at the airport.
Really? That is amazing. That is absolutely amazing. Congrats to Whitney and Winston, man! I'm sure they're going to have a long and fruitful life together.

Who do you think is going to win?
I'm rooting for Jason and Kryssie. They're awesome people inside and out and I hope it's between them. I wish them the best. I'm very proud of both of them.

Big Brother: Over the Top is currently streaming on CBS All Access. The finale airs Thursday at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT.

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