Shelby didn't bite her tongue in the Big Brother: Over the Top house, and she definitely didn't hold back while discussing her nemesis Jason with us.

"I don't want anything to do with Jason," she tells "If he wins, I hope he spends his money on therapy — lots and lots of therapy — and maybe some cigarettes, and hopefully he never tries to get in contact with me because I don't have time for him."

But why did Jason hate her so much? The law graduate, who learned from Julie Chen Wednesday that she passed her bar exam while in the house, isn't exactly sure herself.

Check out our full interview with Shelby below to get her thoughts on Jason, if she had the worst luck with America's votes, and that face she made after she found out that Donald Trump will be our next president.

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You were my favorite this season. Your DRs were hilarious.
Yay! Thanks for saying that. I have to go back and watch [my DRs] when I'm emotionally ready to.

Do you think you got screwed the most with the twists? Jason became your co-HOH so you couldn't get him out and because of Justin's care package, you were the only alternative nominee and you left.
[Laughs] I don't want to sound bitter, but I definitely had America messing with me a lot, not just those things you mentioned, but every time I was HOH, it was my best friend who was America's nominee. Yeah, America definitely threw a wrench into my game this season.

Do you think America had too much influence?
I think America did have too much influence and it would've been actually interesting if there wasn't somebody in this season who already had 60,000 Big Brother follows. If we had just been 13 normal people without a following already built in, it actually would've been interesting to see how America's involvement would've played in.

Yeah, and without Jason's presence, the house wouldn't have split into two sides, although that made for more drama.
Yeah, I don't know about the house division. That was based more on personality differences than America's involvement because whether or not Jason or there, I still wouldn't have wanted to be with the other side of the house.

How would you describe your relationship with Jason? I think he respects you as a game player, but he's made a lot of disparaging remarks about you.
Everyone seems to want us to be friends after this, but he's talked about forcing his d--- into my mouth. He's talked about burning down my family's house, harassing my mom so bad that she'll need a restraining order. That just goes way beyond the game. So my relationship with him is hopefully over. I really want nothing to do with Jason. ... I don't want anything to do with Jason. If he wins, I hope he spends his money on therapy — lots and lots of therapy — and maybe some cigarettes, and hopefully he never tries to get in contact with me because I don't have time for him.

What do you think it was about you that provoked him? It started from the beginning.
Yeah, I wasn't even aware of it at the beginning. I don't really know. I've never really had someone that obsessed with me before that wasn't trying to sleep with me. [Laughs] So I don't know what his deal was. But he did talk about forcing his d--- into my mouth, so maybe he is in love with me a little bit!

Did you really believe him when he came to you guys with that final five deal a couple weeks ago?
I definitely thought it was too good to be true. But logically it did make sense why he would want to work with us. That just kind of shows what kind of person he is, that he would want to make a deal just to torment us.

You obviously knew you were going home, but did you consider at all if it was worth trying to get them to flip on Kryssie?
Absolutely not. I've only seen a few seasons of Big Brother, but that probably would've been the dumbest move in Big Brother history to vote out Kryssie instead of me. They were best friends with her. She's in the finale now. We knew she was going to get the 10K. She is not a threat to win. I haven't really been paying attention to polls or anything, but it would've been so dumb. I probably would've been the only person that would've posed a threat to Jason, so it would've been dumb of him to vote our Kryssie instead of me.

Shelby and Kryssie, Big Brother: Over the TopShelby and Kryssie, Big Brother: Over the Top

Do you think Kryssie could split enough votes with Jason that Morgan could win?
I really doubt that Kryssie is going to cause a huge split in the votes, but I hope people watching the game sees how much Morgan deserves it. She was always overlooked and no one thought she was playing the game when she was. She won comps that weren't crapshoots at all. They were combinations of mental and physical. After the double eviction, we were so outnumbered and she made it to the finale. So if anyone deserves to win this thing, it's her.

I felt bad for her when she was telling you she let you down after the Veto.
Yeah, well, I did too! [Laughs] That wasn't a good moment for or her! ... I don't know what happened [in the Veto]. I'm not good at crawling around on the ground, I guess. Give me a puzzle or something like that and I can kill it, but not crawling on the ground.

How much do you think people underestimated you because you told them you were a waitress?
I didn't tell them I was a waitress so they'd think I was dumb; I told them that because I had been a waitress before, so I wanted them to hear my stories and believe it. But yeah, it sounds like everybody thought I was stupid for a while, but then I started winning the mental comps and there was no point in pretending anymore.

Your DR got leaked with you mentioning the LSATs. Are you surprised no one picked up on that?
Kryssie claims she picked up on it because Kryssie knows everything. But I was definitely really mad about the leak. I don't know if that's ever happened on Big Brother — for them to play somebody's secret over the loudspeaker to the whole house. I really have no idea what was going on there. I was not happy about it. But if they've never heard of the LSAT before, I'm sad for them.

I was shocked no one approached you about it.
Yeah, and production told me they would only do something about it if I was confronted. So I was definitely walking around the house trying to get confronted because I thought it was really unfair for them to play my secret to the house. But no one ever said anything. They were just making fun of my voice.

One of my favorite moments of yours was the face you made after Julie told you guys that Trump won. It was amazing. What was going through your mind?
[Laughs] Basically, that was just... no. That was not a good moment. I'm still really, really upset about the outcome of the election. I thought they were just messing with us and I was going to come out of the house and find out that my girl Hillary was president. My mind - I still can't even put words to it. I was just really disappointed and shocked. Like how?! Who voted for him?! Who voted for him?!

If it makes you feel any better, she's leading by like 2.4 million in the popular vote. It's the system.
Yeah, well, maybe we should make an exception to the system just this once. But I know that's not going to happen. Like why?! Why Trump?! I don't get it!

Are you like, "Let me stay in the Big Brother house for the next four years"?
[Laughs] Except for no. I'd rather go back into a Trump America than stay in the house for another four years.

I saw the rap you did for Morgan. Whose idea was that?
Alex asked me to do one and I was styling my hair and came up with it while I was styling my hair. It's not like it was good. [Laughs] I just came up with that really quickly.

Do you think Morgan can pull it out?
Oh, God, I hope so. I think she deserves it. She better win. She was playing the game this season and wasn't pulling pranks knowing that she had a fan base already supporting her.

A lot of fans are hoping you'll be cast on regular Big Brother, like for an all-stars season. Would you be up for that or do you want to focus on law first?
[Sighs] It kind of depends on if I have a job or not. I definitely need some time to recover after this. It was really, really stressful in there. It was maybe even more stressful than studying for the bar exam. I definitely would need some time off before I would even consider it. [I want] no one from my season except for the Ball Smashers and not Whitney. [Laughs]

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