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Big Brother 20: Sam Threatens to Destroy House and Self-Evict on Live Feeds

This was only the latest in a string of troubling incidents

Sadie Gennis

Sam Bledsoe has apparently hit her breaking point on Big Brother 20.

The welder, who is currently on the block next to JC Mounduix, went to bed on Sunday while the other houseguests made ice cream and had a food fight (which, fortunately, clean freak Sam did not witness). While sitting in the dark alone, Sam began talking to herself unprompted, sending an ominous threat to production.

"I guess that would be really hard to explain if I just got up, got dressed, put my boots on, grab the lead pipe that I took off the locker in the bathroom and smash every single one of these glass TVs across here from me and then shredded these f---ing drawers, pick one of these saucers up and threw it through that f---ing window right there," Sam said on the live feeds around 2:20am ET on Monday. "That probably wouldn't be that good. It would take me about 45 seconds to get up and get everything that I needed. And the door to the parking lot is right there. I wouldn't call that a voluntary exit but..."

It was at this point that the feeds on Sam cut out, leaving fans unsure as to what happened next.

This isn't the first time Sam has threatened violence before. After she was nominated this week, she threatened to "tear every door of they're f---ing hinges" and "absolutely rip these bitches to shreds" if she gets evicted. In early August, she also told Haleigh Broucher: "You let me find out one time that somebody in here is making me look dumb and I will rip them limb for limb, and pull their bottom lip over the back of their head, and they will regret the day that they were f---ing born." In a less direct, but equally troubling incident, Sam seemingly randomly began explaining how to curb stomp someone to JC.

Sam has also reportedly attempted to self-evict before, according to a reliable Big Brother source.

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Sam's chilling outburst was likely prompted by the realization that she wasn't necessarily a pawn this week and might be heading to jury. After Kaycee Clark won the Power of Veto, Sam asked her about whether she'd be using it and Kaycee revealed that she doesn't have plans to use the Veto. Sam then asked who Kaycee was planning on voting to keep; a question Kaycee declined to answer.

The monologue also came after another notable incident over the weekend in which Sam had a lengthy conversation with herself that appeared to be directed at someone in production. In the conversation, Sam appeared to be describing having romantic feelings for someone in production and she seemed to believe they were at least somewhat reciprocated.

"I have to pretend that you're not here, which sucks because I am here. But you are too, sometimes. And I have to just read a bunch of clues," she said. "So far, it's the best part about this whole thing. Even if it ends up being imaginary, and me being crazy."

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In August, Sam also told fellow houseguest Brett that she believed he had feelings for her and said that she had some romantic feelings for him. She told Brett that she believed that he had made up a Final 2 deal for the two of them without Sam's knowledge or consent and was playing the game for her as a demonstration of his feelings. During the conversation in which Sam confessed all this, she claimed that Rockstar helped plant these ideas in her mind.

"It seemed like Rockstar was nurturing me to the idea that me and you having a Final 2, you're secretly in love with me, I'm your dream girl and outside of all this, one day you're going to walk up to me and just be like, 'I'm completely in love with you and the whole time we were in the game, I was playing for you' and all this stuff," Sam told Brett, who politely made it clear that this wasn't the case.

These incidents, combined with her other outbursts and breakdowns in the house -- which began as early as Week 1 when Sam was still a robot -- have left many fans worried for the state of her mental health. As of now, Sam remains in the house, but if Level 6 sticks to their original plan, she'll be evicted in the next few days and sent to the Jury House.

Big Brother 20 airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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