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Big Brother 20's Haleigh: I Made My Own Bed and I'm Lying in It

But what will the future hold with Fessy?

Sadie Gennis

Haleigh's time in the Big Brother 20 house has finally come to an end. After her third consecutive week on the block, Haleigh was evicted and sent to join the rest of her alliance in the jury house.

Haleigh's eviction signals the official death of the other side of the house. After Haleigh left, the only remaining houseguests were the four surviving members of Level 6 -- Tyler, Kaycee, Angela and Brett -- and their allies JC and Sam. Or at least that's how it was for all of 20 minutes.

Her eviction was only the first one of the night, with Thursday featuring the anticipated double eviction of the season. As soon as Haleigh was sent packing, Tyler was named HOH, Angela won Veto and they blindsided and evicted their ally Brett. Haleigh had told Julie Chen that she hoped Brett would be the one to follow her into the jury house, so at least she got her wish!

TV Guide spoke with the notorious BB Hacker about her biggest regrets in the game and her feelings on bitter juries. See everything she revealed below!

Haleigh Broucher, Big Brother 20
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Do you think there was anything else you could have done to convince Tyler, Kaycee or Angela to trust you over these past few weeks?
Haleigh: Absolutely not. Once the bridge is burned it is really hard to rebuild, especially in this game. I wasn't given an opportunity to show them my loyalty so all they had was my word. I did all three of them really dirty so there was no coming back from that.

If you could play the game over, would you align with the other side of the house right away?
Haleigh: I would go straight for Kaycee and Angela.

You seemed mad at Brett after hearing his, Angela's and Kaycee's conflicting goodbye messages. Do you really think Brett is to blame for your eviction? And if so, how does that make you feel?
Haleigh: No. I do not think Brett is to blame for my eviction. I think I made my own bed and I am laying [sic] in it. I do not blame Brett for my eviction. It was just salt in the wounds. Obviously, he is not uninvited to Texas A&M.

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Scottie talked a lot after he returned to the game about how the other jury members were really bitter. Do you hope the voting will be based on gameplay or do you think it's fine to be a bitter juror?
Haleigh: I definitely do not agree with a bitter jury. As a fan of this show I think you should be able to put aside your own emotions long enough to make a decision on who is the best. In all honesty, there are people who played this game better than I have, so to fault them for that and rob them of something they deserve... I just don't think is fair.

If your Big Brother legacy is being the houseguest who outed herself as the Hacker, how would you feel?
Haleigh: At least I have a legacy.

Did the way Fessy acted during his last few days in the house and what he said in his speech affect the way you felt about him and felt about any potential romantic future with him?
Haleigh: It is hard to evaluate someone fairly in this house because you are under a pressure cooker 24/7 and your emotions are heightened and sometimes you act out of character. As far as Fessy, I tried to put into perspective about what he was going through and everyone reacts to stress differently.

As far as our romantic future, there is a lot of uncertainty and I want to see what happens.

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