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Big Brother 20's Brett Reveals What He Wishes He Had Said in His Eviction Speech

The bomb he should have dropped

Sadie Gennis

Big Brother double evictions are always stressful, but Thursday's was also utterly heartbreaking. After Level 6 finally sent Haleigh home, the alliance that has been dominating this season turned on one of its own. After Brett approached Tyler earlier about taking a shot at Kaycee, Tyler filled Kaycee and Angela in on what Brett said. Rather than wait around for Brett to take a shot at Kaycee, they decided to go after Brett in the double.

After Tyler won HOH, he kept up the façade that he was working with Brett to backdoor Kaycee, telling the cyber security engineer to throw the Veto and trust him. Angela wound up winning the Veto, and she, too, pretended to be working with Brett up until the very end, when she blindsided him by using the POV to remove JC from the block. Tyler put up a devastated Brett as the replacement nominee, and Brett was so shook by the betrayal that he didn't even drop any bombs during his final speech.

TV Guide spoke to Brett about his blindside, what he would have done differently and whether he regrets now blowing up anyone's games in his final moments in the house.

​Brett Robinson, Big Brother 20

You were crucial in orchestrating several Level 6 blindsides. What was it like being on the receiving end of one?
Brett: It was painful. It sucked to be on the receiving end of it, but I saw it coming from a mile away. It was just unfortunate and based on who won that Power of Veto.

When Tyler asked you to throw the Veto, did that raise any red flags for you? Why would you even consider throwing a Veto during a double eviction?
Brett: I immediately knew something was up when he said that. His eyes get wide when he is lying, and I knew that I needed to win that Veto, I just couldn't.

Why do you think your allies decided to take a shot at you now?
Brett: Because I was trying to take the shot first, it was just who threw the first punch.

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Who do you wish you had made a Final 2 with instead of Tyler?
Brett: It's difficult to say. Early on, my original Final 2 was with Winston, but he got evicted. After that, I wish I had made a Final 2 with Scottie and kept him around.

Now that you've had some time to process, do you regret not dropping any bombs in your speech?
Brett: Yes, absolutely. I wish I had blown up my Final 2 with Tyler and focused more of my speech trying to convince JC and Kaycee to keep me. In that scenario, I was caught off guard, I wasn't prepared. I tried to go a simple route and didn't spread any paranoia, and just deny 'til I die.

In your previous speeches and in your goodbye messages, you weren't afraid to drop bombs and blow things up. Had you made it to the finale, do you think this would have made it difficult for you to win over the jury?
Brett: No. Because it actually would have enabled me in my finale speech to say "Tyler and I went different courses and arrived at the same spot on finale night. He was never nominated, whereas I had to hang on and fight tooth and nail to stay in the house. Tyler never had to face that adversity in the game, but my back was against the wall the whole time..." As upset as people are at your words, they are more bitter if they think you are the reason they got voted out. I think a lot of people knew that Tyler got them out, so that would screw him over in the end.

What are you going to say to Rockstar when you see her in the jury house?
Brett: I'm gonna say, "What's up loser, did you miss me! Well I'm gonna give you an offer you can't refuse. How would you like to be best friends and talk as much shit as possible about Tyler and Angela?"

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