The first week of Big Brother 19 might be the craziest one yet. During the first HOH of the season, Cody had to nominate five different people — Jillian, Megan, Alex, Paul and Christmas. And after Megan self-evicted, Alex won the Power of Veto and Paul used his Pendant of Protection, it was just Jillian and Christmas left up on the block during Thursday's live eviction.

Despite Christmas being a far greater threat — not to mention the fact that she tore ligaments in her foot the day after she was nominated — the majority of the house decided to go against Cody and evict Jillian. (Although despite Jillian's belief to the contrary, Alex and Jason were not among those who voted her out.)

So what does Jillian, who was on the block for almost the entirety of her stay in the Big Brother house, think of her eviction? spoke with the blindsided houseguest about feeling betrayed, whether she thinks the house will regret keeping Christmas and more.

Jillian Parker, <em>Big Brother</em>Jillian Parker, Big Brother

You were so confident that it would be a tie vote. Do you feel betrayed by everyone who promised to vote for you?
Jillian: Yes, I feel SO betrayed by Alex and Jason and I can't believe they did that. I just have a really strong feeling it was them. I don't even know what my face looked like, but I am so pissed.

Do you think the fact that Christmas injured herself lead to sympathy votes?
Jillian: Yes, absolutely. That was a big reason why they decided to keep her instead of me.

Christmas is injured and likely won't be able to fully compete in physical comps right away. Do you think that it was a waste to keep her in the house over you?
Jillian: No, I think that everybody in the house is selfish and they just want one less person to compete against who can also be a vote. On the "single" sides, they need a vote too and that was her plea.

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When she's healthy, Christmas is a huge physical threat. Do you think it was a mistake, strategy-wise, to keep her in the house? Do you imagine houseguests will regret their decision to evict you?
Jillian: No, because I think that her recovery time is so long...they will get rid of her in a little while. However, if she stays and heals, she's super fit, strong and kicks ass. I don't think they'll keep her that long, though.

Do you think you'd still have been evicted if you had been on the block next to Alex or Paul? Who do you wish had gone home instead of you?
Jillian: Well...I don't know. I think if I was next to Alex, she would have went home because a lot of the girls don't like her and she's a fierce competitor. Same for Paul, he's a big threat and people know that.

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