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Big Brother 18 Power Rankings: Who Won Week 3?

Paul stepped it up big time

Joyce Eng

It's a post-Jozea world on Big Brother 18, and his two closest allies, Paul and Victor, had polar opposite approaches to adapting to life without their so-called "messiah" this week. Meanwhile, things were seemingly chugging along for the 8 Pack's plan to backdoor Vic... until he won the Road Kill and nominated Tiffany.

So who won Week 3 in the house? Check out our power rankings below. (For previous rankings: Week 1, Week 2.)
Big Brother's Jozea saw his eviction coming like the messiah he (claims he) is


Category 4 (team average: 5.475)

Monty Brinton/CBS

Paulie's in a great spot right now. Sure, he was given HOH by his teammates, but Paulie's HOH reign has been very successful and he's no one's target anymore after last week's fiasco, which makes him our winner of the week for the second time this season. Everything's going according to plan to backdoor Victor, who was dumb enough to tell Paulie he won the Road Kill. Paulie also smartly gained a potential new ally by bringing in Vic's BFF, Paul, to go up as a pawn in order to build trust, and followed through on his promise to protect Paul when he saved him with the Veto. And dude won that Veto by spelling "sustainability," which broke Brendon's twice-winning word "understanding" as the longest word spelled in that comp. Calafiores can spell!
Grade: 8.1 (season average: 7.63)

Monty Brinton/CBS

Frank: Frank is casually running the house (sorry, Jozea) without getting #bloodonhishands. Look how eager Victor was to tell him he won Road Kill even though Frank wasn't HOH. Victor's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he knows what's up. However, if you've watched the feeds the last few days, the bloom is quickly coming off of Frank's rose, as everyone's picking up on his multiple deals. Next week should be very interesting.
Grade: 7 (season average: 7.66)

Monty Brinton/CBS

Michelle: Michelle was safe this week, so she barely got any screentime yet again. She seems happy to go along with whatever Frank wants her to do, but if she's a true superfan, she should realize that's ultimately not good for her own game.
Grade: 4.8 (season average: 5.1)

Monty Brinton/CBS

Bridgette: With Category 4 safe, Bridgette was even more of a non-entity this week on the broadcast show. On the feeds, however, she had a one-on-one with Frank that somehow resulted in her spilling the girls' plans and ending up in Frank's back pocket.
Grade: 2.0 (season average: 3.66)

Big Sister (team average: 6.5)

Monty Brinton/CBS

Paul: The award for Most Improved Game goes to the bearded one. After Jozea's eviction, Paul wisely woke up and smelled the roses. Yeah, he didn't really have another option than to agree to go up as a pawn, but he showed his loyalty to Paulie by picking Zakiyah instead of Victor to play the Veto. When Victor questioned him, he hilariously leaned into his ignorance about the show and pretended not to be aware of the Veto powers. Paul also tried multiple times to clue Victor in on the backdoor without blowing his own cover. It's not his problem Victor is so dense.
Grade: 7.5 (season average: 4.63)

Monty Brinton/CBS

Da'Vonne: Day is perceptive as hell. The problem is she acts rashly and recklessly. It's what got her evicted second last year. She kept herself in check this season until she became what she's accusing Tiffany of being: paranoid. Her freak-out over Tiffany looking at her word in the Veto was worse than Tiffany's crying itself (more on that below). Instead of digging deeper or talking to Tiffany, she automatically jumped to conclusions, which just confirms that she already had a vendetta against Tiff for being Vanessa's sister and she just needed, as Vanessa would say, a reason to hate her. However, Day's made some big moves on the feeds the past couple of days involving Tiffany and Frank that could really shake up the game.
Grade: 6.6 (season average: 7.03)

Monty Brinton/CBS

Zakiyah: Zakiyah is lucky that not only is she on Da'Vonne's team, but she's also Mama Day's ride-or-die right now. She's also working hard on getting that showmance she so desperately wants with Paulie, which could pay dividends later if something happens with any of her alliances.
Grade: 5.4 (season average: 5.5)

Freakazoids (team average: 6.13)

Monty Brinton/CBS

Nicole: Like Paulie, the target is completely off Nicole's back right now, thanks to the 8 Pack being in power. She laid low this week, but her tight relationship with Corey might be cause for concern if she ever has to choose between him and the Fatal Five. Will this be Big Brother 16 all over again?
Grade: 6.8 (season average: 7.16)

Monty Brinton/CBS

Tiffany: Unfortunately for Tiffany, her sister's reputation precedes her. But Tiff is nowhere near as paranoid or emotional as Vanessa. That cry session in the HOH room on Wednesday's episode? That actually happened before the Road Kill nomination ceremony, not after. Paulie told her that Frank had told him Victor would put her up - minutes after Frank lied to her face about not knowing who Victor would put up. Tiffany was not wrong in that she can only trust herself in the game, but winning that Veto wouldn't have done her any good. It would've confirmed all of her alliance's worst suspicions about her, and her whole alliance's plan to boot Victor would've gone down the drain. But she has done some damage control with Day on the feeds that surely will play out next week.
Grade: 5.9 (season average: 5.83)

Monty Brinton/CBS

Corey: Corey was just there again this week, cozying up more and more to Nicole and chumming it up with everyone. Since barely surviving the first eviction, he hasn't done much of note to enhance his game, but he hasn't really done anything wrong either.
Grade: 5.7 (season average: 6)

Team Unicorn (team average: 4.3)

Monty Brinton/CBS

James: James is being a total team player right now - not for Team Unicorn, but the 8 Pack. He threw the HOH, was willing for Team Unicorn go on slop to "weaken" Victor (Big Sister is actually on slop because they were last in the HOH comp), and was expecting to be Victor's Road Kill nominee. After Victor put up Tiffany, though, he turned his attention back to snuggling Natalie and executing his patented pranks. Yawn.
Grade: 6.3 (season average: 6.3)

Monty Brinton/CBS

Natalie: Natalie's probably the sweetest person in the house and is definitely the best of the Spy Girls, which seems to be non-existent right now. But this week, she was just all about guys: She confessed to a crush on James on the feeds, yet still seems hung up on her short-lived showmance with Victor that died before the feeds launched. Hopefully she steps it up once Victor is gone.
Grade: 5.2 (season average: 5.2)

Monty Brinton/CBS

Victor: Jozea's gone, but he passed on his case of stupid to Vic before he left. Vic gets points for winning Road Kill and having the foresight to nominate Tiffany instead of his target James, because he correctly figured he would stand a better chance against Tiffany if he were to be backdoored. He loses points for basically announcing to the whole house he won Road Kill and for being so unbelievably dense to not pick up on any of the clues Paul was dropping.
Grade: 3.2 (season average: 2.86)

Monty Brinton/CBS

Bronte: Bronte nearly won the Veto, but we can't with her being genuinely shocked that Jozea left and thinking that Day and Z flipped at the last second.
Grade: 2.5 (season average: 2.9)

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