Week 9 in the Big Brother 18 house was all about Paulie. The one-time BMOC who claimed to be "bred for this" got too cocky for his own good and found his game in ruins. And that's not even counting the crude way he treated Natalie. Fortunately, what was set in motion last week was completed Thursday, when Paulie got the boot. But he certainly made his final week in the house memorable. Let's look back at his 12 most ridiculous moments.

Big Brother 18 Power Rankings: Who won Week 9?

1. It all started with these gross comments.

2. That got grosser.

3. So proud of himself.

4. Remember simpler times when he was just obsessed with Vanessa?

5. Truly no remorse.

6. But the tears came when he was on the block.

7. Then he tried to use his aunt's cancer to swing votes.

8. And he pouted and refused to do his pie-baking punishment.

9. Don't worry. He got served a slice of humble pie.

10. Then he got all touchy-feely when he left.

11. Never touch the Chenbot.

When all else fails, cry at the sight of a butterfly.

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