Somebody needs to remind Paulie that he's on Big Brother 18, because he thinks he's on last season. Dude is obsessed with Vanessa. Like Ali-Larter-after-Beyonce's-hubby-Idris-Elba-in-Obsessed obsessed. And he's convinced that Tiffany is playing exactly like her older sister. Sure, they look alike, sound alike, are both prone to tears and wear sunglasses indoors against better judgment, but even Tiffany would freely admit that she's not half the forward-thinking, deal-making, mind-f---ing strategist her sister was last year. And any good player worth his salt would be able to see that.

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Paulie, though, is stupidly resolute that the Rousso sisters are clones. He's determined to get Tiffany out this week on his HOH simply because of Vanessa. This is rich, coming from a guy whose game is more a bootleg copy of his brother Cody's than Tiffany's is of her sister's — and yet no one has called him out on it. By his logic, he should also be targeted because of his sibling — who, lest we forget, finished higher than Vanessa and probably would've won two years ago if he hadn't made one of the dumbest moves ever. The best part: Paulie revealed on the feeds this week that among the pieces of advice Derrick gave him was to get Vanessa out if she returns. Just like his lil' bro, Paulie is happy to do as Derrick says. Even though Vanessa is not in the house.

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But you wouldn't know that, based on how often Paulie talks about her. The amount of times he has said "Vanessa" and "her sister" makes you yearn for the days when his worst quality was ending every sentence with "type thing."

Don't believe us? Here are 24 times Paulie was way too obsessed with Queen V.

1. It started innocently enough.

2. First impressions type thing.

3. And then the obsession slowly begins...

4. And continues...

5. And continues...

6. How do you know this?

7. She's not.

8. Vanessa also won two HOHs and a Veto in the first five weeks. Tiffany has won one Road Kill in the same amount of time.

9. Why are you so certain?

10. Are you, like, jealous of Vanessa?

11. You are acting like your brother.

12. We know you haven't forgotten.

13. It was never the same.

14. Um, everyone is out for themselves, except Cody, who gifted Derrick $500,000.

15. Nope.

16. Yes, and still nope.

17. Can someone please call Paulie out for being just like his brother?

18. Vanessa's campaign: make deals. Tiffany's campaign: clean the bathroom.

19. Paulie loves to spill tee.

20. Keep telling yourself that.

21. OK, Cody.

22. Calafiore logic for ya.

23. tfw Frank is the voice of reason/"strategical" is the new "strategery."

24. Say it again, Paulie. Say "too a tee."

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