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Big Brother 18 Power Rankings: Who Won Week 9?

Oh, how the mighty have fallen

Sadie Gennis

Oh, how the mighty have fallen in the Big Brother 18 house. Paulie may have survived the double eviction, but when Victor won HOH, he didn't waste the chance to go after the biggest threat in the house. With his social game destroyed, Paulie did whatever he could to try and manipulate his way out of the situation, but it looks as though his only hope of survival is that elusive round trip ticket.

So who won the ninth week in the Big Brother house? Check out our power rankings below. (For previous rankings, click here)

Monty Brinton/CBS

Victor: Victor won HOH. He won POV. He made the biggest game move of the season by putting up Paulie and Corey. It was really no contest this week.
Grade: 9 (Season average: 5.4)

Monty Brinton/CBS

Natalie: Can we finally put the Natalie-Victoria comparisons to rest? This week, Natalie was crucial in flipping the house against Paulie and proved she is far more strategic than anyone initially suspected. Natalie also handled the horrible Paulie issues with grace and class, which is more than we could say about him.
Grade: 8.5 (Season average: 6.4)

Monty Brinton/CBS

Paul: Despite his previous ride-or-die affection for PP, Paul knew when to jump ship. He didn't hesitate to turn on Paulie, and even used their previous relationship to help rattle Paulie's nerves ahead of the Veto.
Grade: 8 (Season average: 6)

Monty Brinton/CBS

Michelle: When the Executives opted to evict Bridgette over Michelle, it was baffling. But now, Big Meech has found herself in the best standing she's been in all season. She's earned some people's respect for her (often brutal) honesty, while still coming off as so little of a threat that she isn't at the top of anyone's hit list.
Grade: 7.5 (Season average: 5)

Monty Brinton/CBS

James: After steering Natalie for a lot of this season, the pair are now working together as true equals, with Natalie even taking the lead recently. It's nice to see James support Natalie so much, and when he stood up for her ahead of the Veto, we've never loved him more.
Grade: 7 (Season average: 6)

Monty Brinton/CBS

Corey: Double evictions are typically highlights of the summer. Unfortunately, Corey squandered it. Sure, he won HOH and POV, but he wasted both on an idiotic plan to get out Bridgette (which wasn't really even his own plan).
Grade: 3 (Season average: 4.5)

Monty Brinton/CBS

Nicole: Nicole doesn't appear to have any semblance game anymore. The all-guys' alliance, Corey included, never bothered to talk game with her, and she didn't even mind. And even with her only two allies on the block, she hasn't campaigned or attempted anything to secure her safety in the weeks to come.
Grade: 1 (Season average: 4.4)

Monty Brinton/CBS

Paulie: Paulie is like a spoiled brat who brags about how he's never lost a competition, but only because he quits whenever things aren't looking good for him. He should be grateful it took this long for him to become a target and respect the other houseguests for doing what's best for their game. Instead, Paulie lost all his fight and is even whining about how he wants to quit the show and won't stay in the jury house. And we're not even going to get into the disgusting way he treated Natalie, both before and after she called him out.
Grade: 0 (Season average: 5.3)

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