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Big Brother 18's Bridgette on Eviction: It's Very Confusing to Me

Pus: The truth about her knee-observing abilities

Joyce Eng

In a double eviction that could only be summed up as disappointing after Corey won both HOH and the Veto, Thursday's Big Brother 18 ended with another case of "expect the unexpected." After Michelle gave two scathing, DGAF speeches, she was fully expecting to be evicted (and even glammed up for it), but it was Bridgette who was shown the door. And the traveling nurse is still trying to make sense of it.

"I don't know [why they saved her]. It's very confusing to me," Bridgette tells TVGuide.com via email. "I've been thinking about that all night."

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Less confusing is her target had she re-entered with the round-trip ticket. "[I would] rally together my 'no names' alliance, with Paul, James, Natalie, Michelle and Victor [and] continue to intimidate Paulie and scare him as best I can," she says.

Bridgette, Big Brother 18 Sonja Flemmiing, CBS

But it's not like Bridgette's eviction is completely inexplicable. She was Frank's "Cabbage Patch kid" after all and did his bidding during her HOH. "Honestly, I think my friendship with Frank hindered my game because it made this massive mark on my back since the beginning," she says. "However, I don't regret it at all -- his friendship made this entire experience worth it."

Also worth it? We now know Bridgette was not kidding when she said Vanessa and Tiffany had the same knees. "It's one of my odd habits," she reveals. "I think I have a thing for knees, and kneecaps."


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