Da'Vonne didn't bid everyone goodbye when she got evicted from Big Brother 18 on Thursday, but she did leave Victor with a major warning: She whispered that he would be the target in the double eviction.

"I don't know if he believes me or not. I hope he does because that would be smart for him because it is the truth," Da'Vonne tells TVGuide.com via email. "I told him because I am positive that if he does believe me he is the only person in the house who would take a swing at Paulie. My intentions in the house were to get Paulie out, but since I am gone I had to figure out who else would maybe do it. I figured Victor would believe me because Paulie was the one who got rid of him the first time he was evicted. It was worth a try."

Paulie would've been No. 1 on Da'Vonne's hit list had she returned to the house with the round trip ticket. "I don't think anyone in there other than maybe Victor will try and take a swing at Paulie," she says. Second on her list? Another vet. "I definitely would have targeted Nicole as well. She is very safe right now. She is covered by all the guys and pretty much the girls as well."

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The Big Brother 17 vet, who left the second week last year, wasn't surprised she was booted and chalks up her eviction to her eagerness in trying to get Tiffany and Frank out. "I think I showed people how strategic I actually am in this game," she says. "I think the way I went about those two evictions definitely put a target on my back. That sucks because they were coming after me first!"

Da'Vonne and Julie Chen, Big Brother 18Da'Vonne and Julie Chen, Big Brother 18

Since Da'Vonne is the first member of jury, she won't see Frank again until the finale next month. And when she does, she will make sure they have a talk about him smacking her butt, for which she says she has not forgiven him.

"Frank and I need to sit down and have a serious conversation. He needs to admit what he did," Da'Vonne says. "Frank still swears it never happened. Which I don't understand because he even apologized so was he just doing that for strategic reasons, because how do you apologize for something and say it didn't happen."

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