Paulie fell well short of duplicating his brother Cody's final two run on Big Brother 18, becoming the eighth houseguest evicted Thursday after every aspect of his game crashed and burned. And now Paulie is sure Cody and his fellow Hitman Derrick, who gave him advice before the show, have lots to say about his fall from grace.

"I am not sure how Cody and Derrick will assess my game, but I am almost positive they will say I went wrong the week were I didn't nurture the relationship with Michelle," Paulie tells via email. "Also, [they wouldn't like me] allowing someone like Natalie to stay in the game as long as she did with how close she was getting to James."

Paulie's awful treatment of Natalie has been a season-long undercurrent on the live feeds, though the drama didn't make the broadcast show until this week after Natalie helped flip the house against him. It all came to a head when Paulie made numerous tactless remarks about her, including telling her that she's as "fake as the things on your chest."

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The 27-year-old admits that he didn't realize those comments could make him a target. "Hindsight will always be 20/20," he says. "At the time, I didn't understand how deeply she had her hooks into James. I honestly thought that the loyalty and bond that was created within my alliance was unshakable at that point in the game, especially after a double eviction where Corey could have put up two guys."

Paulie and Julie Chen, Big Brother 18Paulie and Julie Chen, Big Brother 18

Instead, Paulie found himself on the block with Corey — and doing something he's repeatedly called out Season 10 champ Dan for doing: swearing on a family member's life. In this case, Paulie kept bringing up his cancer-stricken aunt to elicit sympathy. "Mentioning my aunt's cancer was the only bargaining chip that I had considering my social game completely blew up because I would keep my word in regards to not targeting the people who saved me," he says.

Of course, Paulie has a chance to return to the game next week in the jury buyback, but for now, he'll have a jury house reunion with Zakiyah. Though he didn't exactly offer much hope of a relationship outside of the house when Julie Chen pried, Paulie says he will in fact take Z to his best friend's wedding next year. "I made her a promise because she said she had never been to a wedding before that I would take her," he says. "I will stay true to my word and bring her if she will still want to go with me." (She does.)

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