Though she looked inconsolable after she was evicted on Thursday's Big Brother 18, Zakiyah says she was not completely blindsided by the house flip.

"I had a gut feeling after Paulie didn't use the Veto that something was going to transpire and that was going to cause me to be out of the house," Zakiyah tells via email. "I got confirmation about three hours before my eviction so that was not a surprise. Paulie was not aware that I was going and he was pretty upset about it. He really did defend me to the end."

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It's because of that loyalty to her showmance that Zakiyah says she would've gone after Natalie and James if she had stayed or returned with the round-trip ticket. "Because they had everything to do with me leaving," she says. "They had all the power in their hands and they flipped on me so for that I would have come for them."

Zakiyah and Julie Chen, Big Brother 18Zakiyah and Julie Chen, Big Brother 18

In fact, Zakiyah says she wouldn't have turned on Paulie ever. However, if the tables were turned this week, she wouldn't have used the Veto on him either. "I just feel like if it wasn't benefiting my game, I would have left him up there," she says. "If we discussed it and we thought it was not a good game move, I would have left him up there."

Zakiyah, who seemed to want a showmance rather than winning the game, was clearly more into Paulie than he was into her. Regardless if they date outside the house, she says she is still accepting his invite to his best friend's wedding. "Yes. That's so funny. I am going to his friend's wedding in May."

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