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The Best Halloween Movies on Disney+

We've got classic hits and new favorites!

Lara Vukelich



Despite the absurd abundance of sexy witch costumes, Halloween is for kids. And the best place for kids to get into the spirit with the best Halloween movies is Disney+. The streaming service is a treasure trove of family-friendly Halloween movies, from the big hits like Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown to new hits like Muppets Haunted Mansion. Pop some corn, grab a glass of milk, and fire up Disney+ for a not-too-spooky evening. 

Looking for more Halloween recommendations? We have a list of the Best Halloween movies and where to stream them, as well as lists for the best Halloween movies on NetflixHuluAmazon Prime Video, and HBO Max. Want more recommendations of what to watch next? We have a ton of them! We also have hand-picked selections based on shows you already love.

Hocus Pocus

For fans of: Witches, Bette Midler, flying vacuums

If a trio of 300-year-old witches were accidentally summoned by some mischievous kids, what would happen? Just watch Hocus Pocus to find out. The witches are played by Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy, and kids of all ages -- yes, even adults -- will get a kick out of their hijinks. Someone flies around on a vacuum, so what's not to love? Watch as the witches try to cast a spell on the town to become young again. Oh, and there is a talking cat. Whether you're nostalgic for this 1993 film or you want to show it to your kids for the first time, the entire family will enjoy the witchy shenanigans in this movie.


For fans of: Good witches, Debbie Reynolds, family films.

In this 1998 movie, three siblings find out that their grandmother is not exactly as she seems. The oldest daughter, Marnie, discovers on her 13th birthday that her grandmother is a witch, and so are her other ancestors, which means she's a witch, too. Viewers follow the family back to a place called Halloweentown, where they meet a lot of different characters. There are goblins, vampires, and witches living their lives all year round in this spooky town. What can Marnie do to help when an evil force starts to take over the town? She teams up with mom and grandma to stop it. This is a live-action film, but it's good for kids of most ages and runs just under an hour and a half.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

For fans of: Magical thinking, animation, skeletons, musicals

Enter a world where every holiday has its own special land. In this family-friendly movie, you'll follow a Pumpkin King named Jack Skellington who is in charge of a place called Halloween Town. The only problem is Jack gets bored with the same old celebration. Before you know it, he has stumbled across Christmas Town and he decides to chip in -- by kidnapping Santa Claus and putting his own spin on the holiday! His friend Sally tries to warn him it will end badly, but Jack goes about helping with Christmas deliveries anyway. Unsurprisingly, seeing a giant skeleton in the sky just ends up scaring people… and then Jack has to fix it before the holiday is ruined. This movie is spooky but shouldn't be too scary for families with kids.

Muppets Haunted Mansion

For fans of: The muppets, silly holiday movies, musicals

This movie will be released on Oct. 8 2021, so it will be new to the whole gang. Cuddle up and turn down the lights and watch as The Great Gonzo takes on a night in The Haunted Mansion. This is the first Muppets Halloween special, and it includes a lot of original music. Songs include "Rest In Peace" and "Life Hereafter." There are plenty of ghosts in this new Disney classic, but instead of cursing the living, some of them are playing the accordion or swinging from chandeliers. Your favorite Muppets, including Miss Piggy and Kermit, all make appearances. This Halloween film is definitely a good-for-all-ages option. If you've ever been to a Haunted Mansion at any of the Disney parks, you'll especially love it.


For fans of: The Twitches book series, twins, stories about magic.

This 2005 movie is based on the book series of the same name. Starring Tia and Tamara Mowry, the movie takes place in a magical location called Coventry. The two young women are the twin daughters of a royal witch and a powerful warlock, and they're born on Halloween. Their father bestows his magical powers to them upon their birth but dies in the process. Something evil is after them, and they must be sent to Earth and adopted for their own protection, and the two girls are raised by different families. When they meet on their 21st birthday, the twins discover that their powers are even stronger when they're together. Why not team up? This is a great sleepover movie for young adults and runs just under 90 minutes.

The Scream Team

For fans of: Stories about hauntings, family movies, Kathy Najimy

When their grandfather dies, kids Claire and Ian go to his funeral with their dad right before Halloween. Ian suspects that the ghost of his grandfather wants to communicate something -- but is it really him? The kids also discover that a man named Zachariah Kull haunts the town, and he could be preventing their grandpa from moving on to the next life. You'll watch as Ian and Claire try to free their grandpa's spirit with the aid of a group called the Soul Patrol. This live-action movie might be better for older kids and adults than kindergarteners. 


For fans of: Sleeping Beauty, evil queens, live-action fairy tales

This is one of the most popular scary movies on Disney+. Have you ever wondered what the villains in your favorite fairy tales are thinking? In this film, Angelina Jolie stars as the wicked queen from Sleeping Beauty, so the audience gets more backstory for this character than the traditional fairy tale offers. Why did Maleficent turn her home into a dark kingdom in the first place? Why did she have such resentment toward a baby? You'll find out everything. The storyline also explores what happens when Maleficent realizes that Aurora might actually be the key to achieving peace. This film might be too scary for little kids -- it is classified as a dark fantasy adventure, after all.

Toy Story of Terror

For fans of: Movie shorts, Toy Story, road trips

Who doesn't love the Toy Story characters? Our favorite come-to-life toys are back in this holiday-themed story. If you have little ones at home with a limited attention span, this 21-minute animated short might be the perfect Halloween tale. The short film follows Woody, Buzz, and Jessie on a road trip where Mr. Potato Head goes missing near a spooky roadside motel. Don't worry, we have a feeling the friends are able to safely recover their starchy friend before the animated short is over. 

Spooky Buddies

For fans of: Puppies, talking animals, spooky mansions

If you've been watching the other Buddies movies, you're already in love with these talking golden retrievers. But you don't have to know the backstory to jump into this sweet Halloween movie about talking puppy dogs. Great for little kids who want a Halloween experience but who are too afraid for a "big kid" movie, Spooky Buddies follows a bunch of puppers to a mysterious mansion. Once there, the dogs meet some new friends and team up to stop a warlock from releasing bad things into the world. There's even a friendly ghost!