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Bernie Sanders Talks Trump, Marijuana and Climate Change on Jimmy Kimmel

Find out Bernie's surprising vice

Liam Mathews

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night to remind primary voters to get out and vote (for him). While there, he threw shade at his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, and shed some light on the campaign finance practices that cause Republicans to deny climate change.

When Kimmel asked the senator from Vermont if he's ever met Donald Trump, he responded, "No, and I didn't go to his wedding, either," referencing Clinton's presence at Trump's wedding in 2005. Kimmel noted that such behind-the-scenes friendliness makes politics feel like "professional wrestling," but Sanders said that he's outside of all that.

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Kimmel also pointed out that Sanders supports the legalization of marijuana, despite smoking not being his "thing."

"What is your thing? Do you have a thing?" Kimmel asked.

"My thing is my grandchildren," Sanders answered.

"You smoke your grandchildren?" Kimmel quipped.

In a later exchange, Kimmel asked Sanders about his tax policy and whether he supports limits on personal income -- uncommonly important topics for a typical late-night show.

Check out Sanders' appearance here: