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SNL Felt the Bern with Larry David

And it was less awkward than the GOP debate

Megan Vick

Have you missed Curb Your Enthusiasm? Do you also love Bernie Sanders? If you answered yes to both these questions then Saturday's SNLwas your dream episode. David has been impersonating Sanders throughout the latter's presidential campaign, but the two finally appeared together during David's episode this weekend.

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Highlights included "Bern Your Enthusiasm" - a mock Curb episode featuring a very Larry David-like Sanders, who commits a couple of social faux pas in the days before the Iowa caucus, which cause him to lose to Hillary Clinton by only five votes. You should have popped the shoulder, man!

The real Sanders showed up opposite David in a later sketch, bashing the one percent because why not use SNL to spread the message? The dopplegangers reunited again for some political banter before introducing the night's musical guest The 1975.

Larry David has made awkward his professional shtick, but even teaming up with Sanders was no match for the cringe-worthy walk-on mix up at the GOP debate in New Hampshire. The snafu was so ridiculous Weekend Update only had to replay the actual footage to score a laugh.

Weekend Update also featured the episode's other surprise cameo. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson as Derek Zoolander and Hansel stopped by to discuss presidential campaign fashion. Check it out here.