Bernie Sanders and Seth Meyers,<em> Late Night</em> Bernie Sanders and Seth Meyers, Late Night

Like the other presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders is in New York this week trying to shore up support in advance of the state's primary April 19, and he's making his time count by loading up on TV appearances. The senator went on Late Night Thursday, where he talked with Seth Meyers about why he appeals to young people, laughed at some endearing clips from his public-access show from when he was the mayor of Burlington, Vt., and kind of complimented his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, saying "On Hillary Clinton's worst day, she's a hundred times better than any of the Republican candidates."

He also did a special round of "Ya Burnt!" called "Ya Bernt!," where the 1%, the big banks and Seth's hair Felt the Bern as he roasted them.

On Friday, he went on The View, where viewers were treated to a rare glimpse into his personal life. He said his favorite fictional President is Martin Sheen as Jed Bartlet on The West Wing (solid choice), that his wife would say his most annoying habit is workaholism, and that Joy Behar's crush on him is mutual.

SNL and Larry David Feel the Bern

Then the Brooklyn native showed the ladies how a real New Yorker eats pizza. Raven-Symoné tried to make the case that it's okay to eat with a fork and knife, but Raven-Symoné is wrong. She shouldn't be on TV putting these dangerous ideas in people's heads.