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He may have lost Ali Fedotowsky on The Bachelorette, but Chris Lambton still managed to find true love on reality TV. Last weekend in South Carolina, he married Peyton Wright, one of the hottest hopefuls from Andy Baldwin's season of The Bachelor. And if that wasn't enough of a win for the down-to-earth landscaper from Massachusetts, he's also the host of HGTV's new outdoor-improvement series, Going Yard (premiering Saturday at 5/4c). Guess you could say everything is coming up roses for the fella.

TV Guide Magazine: First of all, congratulations! But shouldn't you be on your honeymoon?
Chris Lambton:
Thank you! We're staying down in Charleston for a few days and then I have to get back home and start working. It's my busy season! [Laughs]

TV Guide Magazine: But what a great time for the show to premiere, when everyone is starting to work on their yards again. Although this may inspire mad cases of extreme landscaping!
That's perfect! It's what we're hoping everyone will do. In the first episode, you are going to see one of the worst backyards you will ever see in your life. It was literally dangerous. But we turned it into a beautiful oasis for the family.

TV Guide Magazine: How long do you spend on each project? Because this stuff can be back breaking work.
Usually four to five days. There was a point where we worked for three weeks straight because we had rain and weather issues. That's the thing with landscaping: You're at the mercy of Mother Nature.

TV Guide Magazine: How many times have you gotten poison ivy?
You know, knock on wood, I have not gotten it this year yet! I'm highly allergic to it and every summer I get it. My doctor's suggestion is always 'stay away from it,' and when I remind him I'm a landscaper, he recommends a different career. [Laughs]

TV Guide Magazine: The cool thing is that you were a landscaper way before The Bachelorette. You didn't do a reality show and then go "OK, now I need to be this."
That's why I think this is perfect for me, for my family business, and for Peyton. I mean, I've been landscaping since I was 11. It was my first job.

TV Guide Magazine: And you get to travel the country and work in environments you're not used to, right?
Yeah, it's actually work because you have to study different climates and soil conditions. People think if you're a landscaper, you can plant anywhere. But no, things I can plant on Cape Cod are different from South Carolina, Florida or even Southern California.

TV Guide Magazine: And Peyton joins you on these outings?
I'm pretty lucky, right?

TV Guide Magazine: Maybe not for're already putting the wife to work!
[Laughs] I think one of the first times she came to visit, I took her outside to the garden and said 'Let me teach you how to weed.' I had to make sure she could get her hands dirty.

TV Guide Magazine: So how did you two actually meet?
I went to a charity function with Chris Harrison, oddly enough, and I brought one of my buddies from the show [who] knew Peyton. She drove like two hours to come hang out with us this one night and that is all it took.

TV Guide Magazine: I was afraid you were going to say it was at one of those Bachelor reunion parties...
No, it wasn't one of the drunk-fests. [Laughs]

TV Guide Magazine: Do you guys still watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette?
I didn't even watch it before I was on it — I did watch my season, though. [Laughs] Peyton still watches it, so every now and then I'll sit and watch with her. It just brings back funny memories, like 'Oh yeah, I remember being there...standing around waiting.'

TV Guide Magazine: What has been your favorite Yard project so far?
Oh wow, good question. Oh, it's the second episode they're going to air. There's this couple that loves having friends over, but their backyard was unusable. So we made this long table that you could seat probably 14 people. It has those communal benches, and at the end of the table, we put this huge planter that you could put flowers in, so it blended into the yard. It's incredible.

TV Guide Magazine: It was so smart of HGTV to have you guest judge on White Room Challenge weeks before your show even premiered. It was a nice introduction.
Man, I loved meeting David Bromstad. I had watched him on Color Splash and all those other shows and he was a riot. Every single person I have met with and talked to HGTV has been incredible. They have such an amazing family of hosts.

TV Guide Magazine: And the shows are so addictive!
I know! I'm trying to get on House Hunters International so Peyton and I can go somewhere exotic for our honeymoon! [Laughs]

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