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Arrow's Katrina Law Dishes on Nyssa's Plot Against Malcolm, Possible Future with Sara

Will Oliver help Nyssa take down Malcolm?

Sadie Gennis

Wednesday's episode of Arrow is going to be jam-packed with action. Not only will Team Arrow face off against The Calculator - who may potentially be Felicity's (Emily Bett Rickards) father - but it will also feature the returns of Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) and Nyssa (Katrina Law).

The latter will be arriving in Star City in order to finally enact her plot to overthrow Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) and reclaim her birthright of being Ra's al Ghul. TVGuide.com spoke with Law about how Team Arrow will become involved in Nyssa's revenge plan, her plans for the League of Assassins and what - if any - hope there is for a Nyssa and Sara (Caity Lotz) happily ever after.

The logline says that Nyssa is going to make her move in this week's episode. Is it safe to assume that move is against Malcolm?
Katrina Law:
Oh, yeah. I think she's been plotting this move since the day he became Ra's al Ghul. But then even more so since he stuck her in the dungeon for the past couple of months. I think that's all she's been thinking about while staring at the ceiling.

How much of Nyssa's revenge mission is motivated by what Malcolm did to Sara?
I think that was the final straw. The League of Assassins and the way it was being run by her father over the years had become increasingly more dark and sinister the more he used the pit. And then between trying to destroy Starling City and eventually bringing back Sara from the dead, knowing she would never be the same person and sort of damning her soul forever, not knowing that there was a Constantine out there. I think that was the final straw for Nyssa - that abuse of power the League of Assassins seemed to be having within itself and then amongst the world. I think with the instruction of Sara Lance a few years ago, her outlook started changing and her perception of the League of Assassins' role in the world started to becoming more and more negative.

How does Nyssa go about attempting to take down Malcolm?
There will be epic fight scenes, for sure. But she needs to go on a little bit of a journey before she actually runs into Malcolm and confronts him. There are a couple things she needs to do along the way and I think the audience will be shocked and a little confused. She has a confrontation with Tatsu. They have a great fight scene, so I'm excited for that. But yeah, lots of fighting and lots of manipulation. We'll see if she eventually gets what she wants.

Are any members of the League of Assassins still loyal to Nyssa?
Potentially. I think you're going to find out in this episode if there's anyone in who's loyal to Nyssa or not and how that affects her journey.

How much will Oliver (Stephen Amell) or Team Arrow become involved in Nyssa's plan?
They are completely immersed into her plan. Whether or not they are willingly immersed into it or just being forced into becoming part of her plan is yet to be seen. But they are definitely very much integral in her plan to become Ra's al Ghul.

Oliver is very against killing, so will that be a large point of contention between the two of them?
I think that's always been a point of contention between the two of them. I don't think that's ever going to change. So I'm just going to say yes.

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Does Nyssa begrudge Oliver at all for killing her father?
No, I think probably Nyssa's biggest issue with Oliver killing her father is that he didn't allow Nyssa to do it herself because that would have been the honorable way in her mind. But no, I think in the long run she knew her father needed to go one way or another. And the fact that she was willing to go against her father, whether or not she saw it through, the only obvious outcome for her was that one of them would have to die. So I think she was happy it was her father and not her.

If Nyssa does become the new Ra's al Ghul, how would she differentiate her rule from her father's and Malcolm's?
I think the introduction of Sara Lance into her life, and then eventually Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy), it just brought an aspect of compassion out of Nyssa that had never been nurtured before, nor encouraged by her father or any member of the League of Assassins. I think finding love and learning about the different shades of black and grey and white in the world, and that everything isn't right or wrong, do or die. I think that she'd become a more compassionate leader. I think she would definitely lead by example. I don't think that she would do the initiation process of destroying the city that she came from, which, ironically, is Nanda Parbat. I don't think that she would necessarily stick to a lot of traditions of the League of Assassins. I think she would go out and forge her own.

Has Nyssa seen Sara since she was resurrected?
No, she hasn't. Nyssa has been locked away in the dungeon for months. Essentially after she destroyed the Lazarus Pit, Malcolm Merlyn threw her in a dungeon and that's where she's been staying.

What do you imagine that first reunion between them would be like?
I think it would be extremely bittersweet. I think Nyssa has found a way in her heart to still hold on to the love that she has for Sara, but to release any hope of the two of them being together. And with the resurrection of Sara through the Lazarus Pit, I think Nyssa is very much aware that it would not be the same person, it would not be the same soul that came back especially since she'd been dead for so long. It would be almost a completely demonic person. She has no other reference than what she saw come out of the Pit, which was a wild and crazy Sara. So as far as she knows, that's what Sara is. So if there were to be a reunion, I think Nyssa would know that it wouldn't be the same girl no matter how calm she'd become and that Sara needs time on her own to figure out who she is as a person now. It just wouldn't be the same. I think Nyssa would love to see her again to be able to say hello and eventually goodbye, but I don't know that she's expecting there to be a rekindling.

Would you be excited to appear on Legends of Tomorrowand explore their relationship more?
I would love to. I love working with Caity Lotz and the two of us are just begging the writers to please allow us to have an episode where we have our origin story of finding Sara on the shores of Nanda Parbat and picking her up, and what it was like to tell my father and what it was like to train and how we end up falling in love and the eventual goodbye that we have. I think that would be great. If we could do that on Legends of Tomorrow, if we could do that on Arrow, if we could do that anywhere, it would be wonderful.

I also really enjoy the relationship between Nyssa and Laurel. How much will we get to see them together over the next two episodes?
I think it's next episode, Katie Cassidy and I have a wonderful scene together. ... It's a very beautiful, sad and yet intimidating scene. I'm really excited for fans to see it and to see what the fan reaction is.

Nyssa has experienced so much loss and hardships over the past few seasons. What do you hope for her future?
I would love for her to be able to become Ra's al Ghul, to be a benevolent leader, to find love again and eventually re-establish her place in the world with her own sense of identity and not the identity that her father told her she needed to have or that Malcolm Merlyn forced upon her or the League of Assassins. I would love to basically see her become a full human being who is independent and strong on her own without the need of approval from daddy.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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