Taran Killam and Ariana Grande Taran Killam and Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is delightfully self-skewering in the promos for this weekend's Saturday Night Live, where the pop diva graciously endures Taran Killam having some fun with her small size and dramatic reputation.

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Grande, who'll appear as musical guest and host Saturday, is seen having a low-key chat with Killam way up in a Manhattan high-rise in the clips - one of which has Killam make a lame Starbuck pun (as in Grande) as the singer deadpans, "I ordered a venti."

In another, she remarks on the view from the top, saying "Everyone looks so tiny up here," prompting Killam to retort, "As opposed to you, who always looks tiny."

"What does that mean?" she says with fairly formidable attitude that's not quite doughnut-licking diva 'tude but still, too cute.

Take a look at the promo below. Will you be tuning in Saturday?

Saturday Night Live airs Saturday March, 12 at 11:30/10:30c.