The GOP may be on the brink of imploding its own party, but at least they're the saving grace of Saturday Night Live.Donald Trump jokes managed to take a could-have-been-horrible episode into mediocre territory.

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It started off on a good note with Darrell Hammond continuing his run as the Republican front-runner for the "CNN's Election" cold open, complete with a recreation of Trump's Super Tuesday dick reference. As an added bonus, Jason Sudeikis made a surprise appearance as Mitt Romney, who hates Donald Trump, but wouldn't say no to a vice president slot if it was offered to him.

It went off the rails from there as host Jonah Hill admitted in the opening lines of his monologue that he had nothing to promote with his appearance on the show. That left little inspiration for jokes and a collaboration with musical guest Future that, at best, felt forced.

Trump came in again to save the day with the "Racists for Trump" political ad that hit all the major hate groups from Neo-Nazis to the KKK and anti-Muslim fanatics. The funniest (and scariest) part was how none of them were out-and-out admitted racists but subtly revealed their true colors as they recited Trump's real-life slogans about making America great again.