Anthony Weiner Anthony Weiner

Who said that soap operas are dead?

Sure, maybe Katie Couric's new talk show will be the final nail for General Hospital, and yeah, the rest of ABC's daytime slate has a shorter shelf life than a week-old gallon of milk. But there are still soapy stories out there to be told... you just have to know where to look for them. Like the cable news networks. Or Anthony Weiner's boxer briefs.

With the sordid revelations and shameful admissions that were packed into the disgraced New York congressman's press conference yesterday, we got the greatest tearful testimony since One Life to Live's Karen Wolek admitted she was a prostitute on the stand. And TV ate it up. Up and down the dial, outlets like CNN, MSNBC and even TMZ were all "nom nom nom" on the juicy turn of events, having a ball with Weiner's phallic photos, his ensuing cover-up and, more than anything, the drama of it all. It was like All My Twitpics up in here. Intrigue! Infidelity! Sexting! All that was missing was Weiner's wife storming the press conference in a giant hat, declaring that she was secretly her evil twin.

Unfortunately, we'll have to settle for whatever twist surely awaits us as Rep. McWeeny faces the blowback from his hormonal snafu. Perhaps more women will come forward. Or maybe he'll cry "sex addict" and take his act over to Celebrity Rehab. Whatever the case, it's clear that this tawdry tale of peen-and-politics is "to be continued." And that should be at least a minor consolation for soap fans tired of seeing their usual daytime dramas get the shaft.

What do you think of Weinergate? Should the cable nets zip it, or is this soap opera too scandalous to turn off?

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