Amy Winehouse Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse, the neo-soul singer best known for her hit song "Rehab," was found dead Saturday in her London home, according to the Associated Press.

Police would confirm only that a 27-year-old female was pronounced dead at a home in Camden Square. London Ambulance Services said she had died before the two ambulance crews it sent arrived at the scene.

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Winehouse spent much of the past six years in and out of rehab, and publicly struggled with addiction. In June, she left treatment after one week in advance of an expected European tour. That tour lasted one night, as it was canceled after a disastrous showing in Belgrade on June 18, much of which has been captured on YouTube.

The singer's public antics often overshadowed her prodigious musical talent. At the time of her death, she hadn't released an album since 2006's Back to Black. (Watch the videos for "Tears Dry on Their Own" and "Rehab.")

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Winehouse was spotted in public as recently as this week at the U.K.'s iTunes Festival.