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They more than likely tried to make her stay in rehab, and she said, "Bye, bye, bye." Singer and public spectacle Amy Winehouse has left an in-patient treatment center in London after spending just one week there, the Associated Press reports.

Flashback to last week: Amy Winehouse back in rehab

The singer's publicist confirmed Winehouse's exit, describing the singer as "raring to go" for her European tour this summer. The plan is for Winehouse to receive outpatient care from the Priory Clinic, which treats a range of disorders, including addiction. (Susan Boyle is one of the clinic's past patients.)

Amy Winehouse recovering from fall

The nature of Winehouse's current rehabilitation has not been confirmed. It's one of the troubled singer's several stints from over the past six years.

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On Winehouse's behalf, her rep thanked her fans for their messages of support resulting from her rehab admission.