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[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from Wednesday's episode of American Horror Story. Read at your own risk.]

Is Ben going to get out of American Horror Story alive? Even with Hayden out of the picture (or so it seems) at the end of Wednesday's episode, Ben's still in all sorts of trouble. He confessed to Vivien that he cheated again — that is, after she caught him the first time — and has been booted from the house. He was also visited by the ghost of Dr. Charles' angry wife, who wants him to man-up and protect his (er, Rubber Man's) baby at all costs. Meanwhile, Larry the Burn Guy wants Ben to leave the house, give him a thousand bucks, or kill him, depending on his mood.

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But forget about Ben — what about everyone else? The long Halloween night may be over, but the horrors — and lingering questions — remain. What's growing inside Vivien? What does Constance want? Why can't Tate know about Adelaide's death? (He's also totally dead, right?) Series stars Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott and Evan Peters do their best to answer:

Ben and Vivien didn't seem too concerned, but what exactly did that nurse see growing inside Vivien that caused her to faint?
Britton and Peters both suspect it's something straight from hell. "I really don't know what she saw, but my suspicion is that it was something with horns," Britton says. "I think that's Vivien's fear." Peters also thinks a demon baby is likely. "I haven't seen what's in there, and I know this sounds cheesy, but I imagine a minidevil. Pointy tail, a trident fork, horns ... I just picture it floating around, smiling," he says. "But I'm sure it's much more terrifying than that."

Vivien finally gave Ben the boot — and with more than half the season to go. Is that split going to stick?
Well, Ben's also a work-at-home dad, which makes the situation complicated. "We're definitely in crisis," McDermott says of the Harmons' marriage. "The thing is, I am treating patients still in the house, so, you know, I'm trying to save this marriage. The family is the most important thing to me, but it is obviously slipping through my fingers and I can't seem to hold it together. So we're going to see more of that, me trying to keep it together as it's all falling apart."

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So Tate is Constance's (Jessica Lange) son! We've been told she wants him to "get better," but is that all there is to it? That's her only interest in the Harmons?
If Constance does want the Harmons to stay — and the end of Episode 2 certainly hinted as much — there isn't any other apparent motive, according to Peters. "There's no other ultimate purpose — at least not that we know of yet. I'm pretty sure she just wants him to get better," he says. Tate will continue seeking Ben's help because "he wants his mom to love him, to give him some of the affection that he's always wanted."

Speaking of Tate, he is dead, right?
We'll take this one: According to the dead teen cheerleader, she'd be about 34 with babies right now if Tate hadn't gotten to her first. That makes Tate 34-ish, too, which also makes him dead. Wonder how he died in that house ...

Constance tells Violet that Tate can't know that Adelaide (Jamie Brewer) died. Assuming that will eventually happen, where are those two headed?
"It will get worse before it gets better," Peters teases. The actor and Lange recently had to do a scene that he says neither were in the mood to do. "It was pretty difficult, pretty heavy ... but we went for it," he says. As for what happens to Tate if/when he finds out about his sister? "My hopes for it are that he just goes absolutely bananas, kills his mom ... I want it to flip a switch that makes him go crazy."

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What is Larry's (Denis O'Hare) deal? First, he wants to help Ben out of the house, and then he wants a thousand bucks, and then we see him dousing the Harmons' living room in fuel, an act witnessed by late homeowner Chad (Zachary Quinto)...
Ben and Vivien didn't look as though they smelled gasoline when he moved out the next morning either. Hmmm ... For now, Larry remains an enigma, even to the cast. Says Peters: "When I read that, I was like, 'Oh no, what are they doing? What is he doing? A thousand dollars? For what? Headshots?'"

To whet your appetite, a few eerie images from next week's episode, "Piggy, Piggy." Who's behind Violet? Who is Dr. Charles after?

What did you think of the Halloween two-parter? Surprised that Tate is an honest-to-God homicidal wacko? Sad Addie won't be a ghost? Glad to see Vivien give Ben the boot? Feeling a smidge of sympathy for crazy Hayden? Confused by crazy Larry? Asking yourself why Ben isn't wondering who that mean lady in his basement was and why she cares so much about Vivien's baby?