Evan Tate, Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy Evan Tate, Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy

Halloween isn't over just yet for the Harmons. On Wednesday's conclusion of American Horror Story's two-part event, it's not just Hayden and the house ghosts who want vengeance.

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When Tate takes Violet out for their date — curious that he jumps at the chance to do it on Halloween night — he'll be greeted by some angry, not to mention bloody and mutilated peers who will reveal new things about his dark past. But first, TVGuide.com quizzed Evan Peters, who plays Ben's homicidal dreamer psych patient Tate, about all the questions lingering from last week: i.e. Why does Tate know so much about what lurks in the basement? What's his deal with Rubber Man? Is he working for Constance? While we're at it: What's so great about Violet anyway?

Why does Tate know so much about the history of the Harmons' house?
Evan Peters:
I guess because he's been there for a while.

Fair enough. One of the first things we see Tate do is beat up Violet's bully by tag-teaming with the thing that lurks in the basement. How exactly does that relationship work?
Tate gets help. He sort of asks these spirits in the house for help and they oblige, which is pretty sweet [laughs].

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And according to the story he told Violet, that thing is a Franken-baby stitched together by crazy Dr. Charles circa 1924. But the thing that helped Tate didn't look like a baby. It looked fully grown.
Yes, the Infantata takes on different forms. We've seen two of them. That's all I can say. It was definitely scary in real life. The makeup is phenomenal on the show: very real, very disgusting, dripping blood and saliva. It was terrifying.

Is the Rubber Man one of the spirits Tate can call on? How are they connected?
Peters: Well, it's unlikely they're the same person, but it is all related. If the suit is lying around, Tate can see it. Everything that goes on in the house is interconnected.

How did it feel wearing the gimp suit?
It's one of the most uncomfortable things I've worn in my life. It's latex, not thick rubber, and you're on a soundstage, so it's absolutely freezing. It's also very tight in the crotch area, so it's hard to sit down and stand up. 

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At the end of Episode 2, Tate reveals that it's Constance (Jessica Lange) who wants him to see Ben (Dylan McDermott) for therapy. Why is that?
She wants him to get better, and that has a lot to do with his past and what's he's done. Tate's problem is his psychosis; his mind is dark and destructive and distorted.

Speaking of Constance, is it safe to say she dragged Adelaide (Jamie Brewer) to the Harmons' house to bring her back to life in some way?
Peters: Yes, that's definitely a part of it. If you die on that property, something makes you live on, makes you stay there. We don't really know why yet, but I'm hoping that we'll find out.

Why is Tate drawn to Violet (Taissa Farmiga)?
Peters: He's just looking for love. You know that first love, you dream it's going to be forever. I think he really wants to have a nice life with this girl. The things his mom couldn't give him, he's hoping to get from Violet.

His mom? Hmmm....

Check back after the conclusion of American Horror Story's two-part Halloween event (Wednesday at 10/9c on FX) to get more answers to all your burning questions from the cast. Until then, enjoy this preview of the episode: