You've seen it in thousands of movies and TV shows. A couple buys an antiquated house and has high hopes to raise a family in it, and then all of a sudden the cupboards start opening and closing wildly, blood drips down the walls and a rumbling voice screams, "Get out of the house!" It's your classic haunted house story.

But in Los Angeles, a couple has discovered that their recently purchased $3 million house is haunted... by fans of the series American Horror Story. Dr. Ernst von Schwarz and Angela Oakenfeld purchased the mansion used as the setting for the first season of American Horror Story, affectionately known as the "Murder House," and are now suing the former owner of the house for not disclosing that the abode was used in the show, according to the real estate site The Real Deal.

The problem isn't that the house was once used to film a latex-wrapped gimp's sexual fantasies, it's that overzealous fans of AHS have trespassed on the grounds, broke into the house, and caused a nuisance, the couple alleges.

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"A week before I first visited them [to work on the case], they had been awakened by the sound of glass breaking — someone came in through the window in the kitchen," the couple's attorney Doug Vanderpool told The Real Deal.

The suit says that the former owners specifically said there were no problems with the house or nuisances in the neighborhood, and that the couple would not have bought the house if they knew the mansion was a "macabre tourist attraction."

Even with the problems, Schwarz and Oakenfeld apparently have no plans to sell the house. But if they see Dylan McDermott staring out of the office window while crying, they might want to reconsider.

Connie Britton, <em>American Horror Story</em><em>: Murder House</em>Connie Britton, American Horror Story: Murder House