We're still not sure whether the next season of American Horror Story will be the crossover between Murder Houseand Coven that Ryan Murphy has promised us, but it's never too early to start speculating which of the franchise's biggest stars will be returning. In the case of the crossover, it's likely that some of Murphy's actors will have to pull double (or triple) duty, like Sarah Paulson did in Roanoke or Evan Peters did in Cult, in order to resurrect their characters from the previous seasons. To be honest, we have no idea how Murphy and his cast of crazies are going to pull this off... but we know they will, somehow.

In the meantime, here are 14 characters from the Murder House and Coven installments that we need to see return for the crossover.

1 and 2. Cordelia Foxx and Billie Dean Howard (Sarah Paulson)
Billie Dean Howard's return is certainly a possibility, but the character we're much more interested in seeing revisited is Coven's Cordelia Foxx, the headmistress of Miss Robichaux's Academy who became the new Supreme after her mother's death at the end of Coven. We're dying to find out how she wields her new power and what happened after she went public about the existence of witches.

3. Constance Langdon (Jessica Lange)
This is a long shot, given that Lange told Charlie Rose in a 2016 interview that her American Horror Story days are behind her. But given that final shot of Murder House, which sees Constance cooing over her adopted son Michael (aka the Antichrist), who's just murdered his nanny, we need to see what these two have been up to in the intervening years. And Murphy is not being shy about trying to woo her back into the fold.

4. Michael/The Antichrist (???)
Speak of the devil (literally!). This little Lucifer needs to come back for the crossover to bring terror to a whole new generation. And if Murphy & Co. really wanted to get wild, they could age Michael up and have him portrayed by one of their favorite go-to actors — Wes Bentley, perhaps? Or maybe Evan Peters, to really lean into the family resemblance between Michael and his father Tate. Given that committing bloody murder made him giggle and gurgle as a 3-year-old, we can only imagine what havoc adult Michael would wreak.

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5. Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett)
This one should be easy. Bassett has already said she's all-in for the crossover, so let's make this happen! Of course, Marie was killed in Coven, so she'd likely have to appear in flashbacks. Or maybe the new Supreme Cordelia would decide to use her powers to resurrect the Voodoo Queen for epic team-up in order to face some new big bad that threatens both the witch and voodoo communities.

6. Vivien Harmon (Connie Britton)
One of the biggest reasons we're looking forward to the crossover is the potential return of Britton, who has not appeared in the franchise since her turn in the inaugural season. Though Vivien would likely be seen in ghost form, since she died shortly after giving birth, it's totally understandable that she'd want to check in on one living child Michael (although, she probably won't like what she sees).

7. Tate Langdon (Evan Peters)
Like his co-star Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters is probably going to have to pull double duty in the crossover, because his Murder House and Coven characters are too memorable to pick just one. Murder House's Tate — the mass-murdering son of Constance, rapist of Vivien and father of Michael — was last seen watching over his ex-girlfriend/obsession Violet and her family, who are also ghosts confined to the Murder House. Tate says he'll wait "forever" if he has to for Violet to forgive him for his crimes, so we have a feeling this story isn't over yet.

8. Kyle Spencer (Evan Peters)
The frat boy-turned-butler who was brought back from the dead in Coven is more of a fly-on-the-wall character than Tate Langdon. But because he (literally) knows where all the bodies are buried and is one of the last men standing at the end of Coven, we could definitely see him playing a significant role in the crossover.

9. Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe)
After she survived Coven but was quickly killed off in Hotel (too bad that Price Is Right turn didn't work out for her) Queenie's story appears to have come to an end. But there's plenty of backstory to mine there. And who knows, maybe ghost Queenie will find a way to exact revenge on Cordelia for sending her on that ill-fated trip to Los Angeles in the first place.

10. Misty Day (Lily Rabe)
Misty needs to be a part of the crossover if only for her ability to bring people back from the dead — which opens up a whole array of possibilities, character- and plot-wise. The trick, of course, will be to figure out how she can bring herself back, after disintegrating in Cordelia's arms at the end of Coven.

11. Violet Harmon (Taissa Farmiga)
Violet and the rest of her ghost family would be living happily ever after were it not for the aforementioned presence of Tate, lurking around their house. Tate seems to think that Violet will eventually be able to forgive him, but what we're here for is a final showdown between Tate, Violet and Vivien that results in him being pushed out of their lives once and for all.

12. Zoe Benson (Taissa Farmiga)
Along with Kyle and Cordelia, Zoe is one of the only council members still standing at the end of Coven, so it stands to reason that she should play a major part in the crossover. A power struggle between her and Cordelia would probably have deadly consequences.

13. Hayden (Kate Mara)
The "other woman" in Vivien and Ben's (Dylan McDermott) Murder House marriage, Hayden certainly caused her share of drama in the original season. She's now trapped as a ghost in the house along with the Harmons and Tate, and the finale indicates that she may have a hand in helping Tate try to "win" Violet back. But knowing Hayden, she's far more interested in hurting the Harmons than helping anyone of them at this point.

14. Stevie Nicks (herself)
Because, duh.