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Angela Bassett Is Totally Down to Appear in American Horror Story's Murder House-Coven Crossover Season

What she'd love to see Marie Laveau get up to

Sadie Gennis

Although Angela Bassett's contract with American Horror Story is finished, the actress would be more than happy to return to Ryan Murphy's twisted universe for the anticipated Murder House-Coven crossover season.

Bassett hasn't discussed the possibility with Murphy yet (she didn't even know the crossover season had been announced prior to this interview), but she's thrilled at the possibility of seeing the worlds of Murder House and Coven collide.

"I was all about Season 1," Bassett tells TV Guide. "And of course, a lot of folks love Coven, so I think that would be exciting. I would love to see that, be a part of that."

Last year, the American Horror Story creator announced that one of the future seasons would be a crossover between the first season, which followed a troubled family moving into a haunted house in Los Angeles, and the third, which in part chronicled the rivalry between the descendants of the Salem Witches and the Voodoo Queen Marie Leveau (Bassett) in New Orleans.

Details surrounding how the characters of Coven and Murder House will intersect remain unknown, but if Bassett gets a say, she'd love for the season to explore some of Marie's origins, before the events of Coven took place.

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"She was an interesting historical figure in that she had a lot of influence in that town," Bassett says. "She was a hairstylist, so when women sit there, the head is relaxed and the mouths open and the information comes forth, and she was able to use that to her benefit. So I think [I'd like to] see more of that -- what [her experiences were like in] the 1800s, however forceful and smart and conniving she was."

Unfortunately, the Murder House wasn't built until 1922, so connecting Marie's life in the 1800s to that haunted locale would be quite complicated. Then again, this is a Ryan Murphy show, so anything is possible.

American Horror Story: Cult airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX.