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American Horror Story: Apocalypse: Who Is Returning and Where Their Characters Left Off

Because we could all use a little refresher

Sadie Gennis

American Horror Story fans are in for a special treat this season when Apocalypse premieres. The long-awaited crossover season between Murder House (Season 1) and Coven (Season 3) debuts next week and will feature some of your favorite stars reprising their most iconic American Horror Story roles.

As if the title wasn't clear enough, Apocalypse will feature the Coven and Murder House characters facing down the actual end of the world as we know it. The events of the new season will take place in the near future (it's expected to begin in or around the fall of 2019), which raises all sorts of questions about how this storyline will match up with the sprawling AHS universe timeline.

In case you have forgotten -- and really, who would blame you? -- the majority of Murder House took place in 2011, with the final scene featuring Michael Langdon flashing forward to 2014. Coven, meanwhile, largely took place in 2014. So basically, the events of Apocalypse will take place approximately eight years after the main events of Murder House wrapped up and five years after Coven, which means a lot has probably changed for these guys since we last saw them.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse: Everything We Know So Far

So far, we haven't been given many details about what's next for our Coven and Murder House faves. But before you begin speculating on the future, it's important to get a good grip on the past. So in anticipation of Apocalypse's premiere, here's where every Murder House and Coven character left off AND what we know about any and all potential returns.


Vivien: Vivien died giving birth to twins, one of whom also died. But Vivien was reunited with her deceased son Jeffery in the afterlife.
Apocalypse status: Confirmed! Connie Britton will return to AHS for the first time since Murder House.

Ben: Ben was hung by some of the Murder House ghosts when he attempted to flee after Vivien's death. However, as a ghost he was able to find a happiness with Vivien and Violet that avoided him in life.
Apocalypse status: Confirmed! Dylan McDermott will return to AHS for the first time since Asylum.

Violet: After Violet learned she had died by suicide, she discovered the truth about Tate and ended her relationship with him.
Apocalypse status: Confirmed! Everyone's favorite moody teen, played by Taissa Farmiga, will be back at long last.

American Horror Story: A Definitive Timeline

Constance: With Ben and Vivien both dead, Constance adopted their newborn son Michael.
Apocalypse status: Confirmed! Jessica Lange will return to AHS for the first time since Freak Show, but sadly she will only appear in the sixth episode of the season.

Tate: Still madly in love with Violet, Tate vowed to wait forever for her to forgive him.
Apocalypse status: Confirmed!
Evan Peters will reprise his role as everyone's problematic fave.

Addie: Dead after being hit by a car on Halloween.
Apocalypse status: Unlikely. There hasn't been any news of Jamie Brewer joining the cast of Apocalypse yet, and Addy's story was wrapped up neatly in Murder House.

Michael: Vivien's surviving baby was adopted by Constance and raised as a Langdon, but his evil tendencies began to show around the age of 3 when he killed Constance's housekeeper.
Apocalypse status: Confirmed! Versace breakout Cody Fern will play the grown version of the Antichrist.

Hayden: Hayden had attempted to keep Michael as her own, but was thwarted by Constance and Travis.
Apocalypse status: Unknown. Kate Mara has continued her working relationship with Ryan Murphy (she stars in Pose) but there hasn't been a peep about her back on the AHS set. However, Murphy shared a pic of Emma Roberts posing with what may be Hayden's bones, so there is a chance Apocalypse could see her return.

Moira: Moira was welcomed into the Harmon family, taking on the honor of being Jeffery's godmother.
Apocalypse status: Highly likely.
Frances Conroy will be starring in Apocalypse so we bet she'll be donning her maid's uniform once more.

Larry: Ready to do penance for his other bad deeds, Larry falsely confessed to killing Travis and was sent to jail in Illinois.
Apocalypse status:
Unlikely. Denis O'Hare hasn't been announced as part of the Apocalypse cast, so don't expect more Larry.

Tate and Violet are Back Together in New AHS: Apocalypse Set Photo

Billie Dean: Since her humble origins advising Constance and Vivien in Murder House, Billie Dean became a media sensation, as seen in Hotel.
Apocalypse status: Confirmed! The psychic is one of the three roles Sarah Paulson will be playing. However, it's not clear yet where her fame level will be when Apocalypse picks up. When she filmed her Devil's Night dinner in Hotel, it was 2022. Apocalypse is expected to take place in 2019, so she might not quite be the celebrity psychic we last saw her as. But maybe the events of Apocalypse are what leads to her fame!

Chad, Nora and all the other Murder House residents: Trapped in the Murder House for all eternity, helping the Harmons keep new families away through creative hauntings.
Apocalypse status: Who knows! There are little over two dozen ghosts living in the Murder House, and as of now we don't really know which of the supporting spirits will make an appearance. Lily Rabe is confirmed to be back for Apocalypse so there's a good chance we'll see Nora Montgomery again, but everyone else is pretty up in the air.


Cordelia: Cordelia was named the Supreme and went public about the existence of witches, opening the doors of Mrs. Robichaux's to a hoard of new students.
Apocalypse status: Confirmed! In addition to Billie Dean and
a third character -- known now only as Venable -- Sarah Paulson will reprise her role as the Coven's leader.

Zoe: Zoe is appointed to Cordelia's council and pledges to help her run the Academy.
Apocalypse status: Confirmed. Taissa Farmiga will be reprising her Coven role in addition to playing Violet.

Myrtle: Myrtle insisted on being burnt at the stake as punishment for killing her fellow Council members Cecily and Quentin.
Apocalypse status: Confirmed! Somehow Myrtle (Conroy) will rise from the grave yet again based on a photo of her back in her Coven costume.

13 Stars You Didn't Know Were on American Horror Story

Kyle: Kyle took over for Spalding as the Robichaux butler.
Apocalypse status: Highly likely. Although this hasn't explicitly been confirmed yet, just like we can't imagine Violet without Tate, we can't imagine Zoe without Kyle.

Misty: During the Seven Wonders, Misty got stuck in her own personal hell: dissecting a frog in a middle school science class.
Apocalypse status: Confirmed! We don't know how or why Misty (Rabe) got resurrected, but she'll reunite with her idol Stevie Nicks soon enough. (And yes, Stevie Nicks is returning too.)

Madison: Kyle strangled her to death as revenge for refusing to revive Zoe during the Seven Wonders.
Apocalypse status: Confirmed!
Emma Roberts' highly meme-able character Madison Montgomery will be back to cause trouble (and even visit the Murder House!) this season.

Spalding: Spalding was last seen helping Kyle dispose of Madison's body. But, Spalding might just have kept her corpse to play with as a doll again, but we'd really rather not be reminded of that horrific storyline.
Apocalypse status: Unlikely. No Denis O'Hare, no Spalding. But really -- will anyone even miss this creepy character?

American Horror Story: Apocalypse: 5 Things to Know About the Crossover Season

Delphine: Delphine was killed by Queenie and sent straight to hell where she was destined to be tortured by Marie for all eternity.
Apocalypse status: Unlikely. Kathy Bates is returning for Apocalypse and as of now is only announced to be playing a new character, Ms. Meade.

Marie: Marie was killed after Delphine dismembered her, rendering her unable to fulfill her end of the bargain with Papa Legba that had granted her immortality. She was then sent to hell, which found her being forced to torture Delphine and her daughters forever.
Apocalypse status: It's possible! Angela Bassett has expressed interest in appearing in the crossover season, but nothing has been confirmed and she's busy starring in Ryan Murphy's first responders procedural 9-1-1.

Queenie: Queenie was killed by Ramona Royale and Mr. March when she checked into the Cortez in Hotel in approximately 2015.
Apocalypse status: Confirmed! Somehow Cordelia will get her other right-hand woman back despite Queenie's gruesome death.
Gabourey Sidibe was photographed back with the Coven crew over the summer.

The Axeman: The Coven killed him (again) after they believed he had killed Fiona.
Apocalypse status: Unlikely. We can't really see a purpose in bringing this jazz aficionado back from the dead, no matter how good Michael Uppendahl was in the role.

Nan: Marie and Fiona killed Nan in the hopes that her death would act as payment to Papa Legba.
Apocalypse status: Unknown. Jamie Brewer hasn't been confirmed to be in the cast and if the Coven could have brought back Nan from the dead, they would have done it already.

Fiona: Fiona died in Cordelia's arms and then went to her personal hell/The Axeman's heaven in which they were together in a dingy cabin forever.
Apocalypse status: Unlikely. Lange will only appear in one episode and it wouldn't make sense for the witches to revive Fiona for such a brief cameo (also, why would anyone want to revive Fiona?).

Catch up on Murder House and Coven on Netflix now. And catch Apocalypse when it premieres Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 10/9c on FX.