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American Horror Story: Cult's Secret Weapon Was Leslie Grossman

May she return for many seasons to come

Sadie Gennis

American Horror Story: Cult, we've put up with a lot this season. There were the clowns, the holes, the clowns, the nails in the head, the clowns and the Manson murders reenactment, to name a few. Even for American Horror Story, there were times when Cult has felt extra extra. But for the first half of the season, it was easier to stomach the horrifying violence and the too-real feel of tackling the current political climate because there was a single ray of light in this dark, dark season.

I'm talking, of course, about Leslie Grossman and her portrayal of Meadow Wilton.

Meadow was shallow, she was rude, she was offensive. She made all the wrong choices and said all the wrong things, and we loved her for it because Grossman made sure Meadow was so much more than just a means to deliver a punchline. In Grossman's talented hands, Meadow always felt like a fully developed person (even if she didn't always have fully developed opinions on what was happening in the world). And Grossman's ability to deliver absurd lines with the straightest of faces gave us a much-needed reprieve from Cult's bleak interpretation of our world.

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The perky, sun-phobic Nicole Kidman stan died after she was manipulated into committing suicide and a mass shooting per orders from Kai (Evan Peters) in "Mid-Western Assassin," a problematic episode which aired only 10 days after the Las Vegas massacre. It was a tragic end to a character who deserved so much better -- something Beverly (Adina Porter) and Kai's female followers quickly recognized, with Meadow's death inspiring their decision to turn against their misogynistic, narcissistic leader.

Though Meadow's legacy will always be tainted by the circumstances of her death, as Cult approaches its finale (Tuesday, 10/9c), it's clear that the show is still struggling to maintain its unique balance of horror and comedy without her. So in honor of Grossman's unforgettable American Horror Story debut, let's look back at Meadow's greatest (and worst) moments during her short tenure on AHS.

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Because who could forget an iconic line like this?


Or when she revealed the secrets to a successful marriage.


Meadow didn't even need to say a word to steal the scene.


Her diss skills left a lot to be desired, and yet we wouldn't change a thing.


She clearly had her priorities straight.


And c'mon. She had a good point here.


And here, as well, if we're being honest.


Seriously, this woman knew what mattered most in life.


Nothing could really phase her.


She always knew how to lighten the mood and for that we are grateful.


May Leslie Grossman return for many seasons of AHS to come.

The American Horror Story: Cult airs Tuesday at 10/9c on FX.