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Who Will Survive American Horror Story: Cult?

We have a few theories...

Sadie Gennis

The American Horror Story: Cult finale will deliver the final showdown between Kai and Ally we've all been waiting for. Although we expect plenty of twists and turns before the final credits roll, there's one thing we're fairly certain of: almost everyone will probably die.

There's far too much malice poisoning every single relationship left on the show for everyone to come out of it unscathed. Plus, this is American Horror Story, after all, where death is as crucial to the show's foundation as dialogue.

But who will be the one (or two) to survive until the very end? We have a few thoughts on the matter...

Kai Anderson (Evan Peters)

Airing only one year after the 2016 presidential election, Cult has been a little hard to stomach for some viewers who weren't ready to see these horrific real-world themes taken to the extreme. But you know what would really be too dark to handle? Kai being triumphant. In order to deliver even the slightest message of hope, Cult needs to see Kai get his comeuppance, otherwise we apparently are all truly doomed.
Likelihood of survival: 100:1

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Ally Mayfair-Richards (Sarah Paulson)

Ally needs to survive based purely on the fact that she appears to be the only one left to take Kai down. Plus, Paulson has always been Murphy's favorite choice to be Horror Story's Final Girl. Although, just because we think Ally will live doesn't mean she'll necessarily get anything close to a happy ending. After everything she's done, Ally can't go back to her old life - and we don't think she has any desire to. Now that she's become Dark Ally, we can only imagine dark things in Ally's future, so even if she lives, the ending likely will be quite bittersweet.

Likelihood of survival: 5:1

Beverly Hope (Adina Porter)

When we first met Beverly, she was one tough cookie. She took no prisoners, suffered no B.S. and was out for blood. But after being placed in isolation, Beverly hasn't been the same. When she found out Kai hadn't forced her to drink poisoned Kool-Aid, she was devastated. We hope the finale will find Beverly rediscovering her purpose (and her will to live), but we fear that Beverly is too far gone to make it to the very end. If Beverly truly believes she has nothing left to lose, what's to stop her from throwing away it all?
Likelihood of survival: 30:1

American Horror Story: Cult: 7 Burning Questions the Finale Needs to Answer

Oz Mayfair-Richards (Cooper Dodson)

Based purely on the fact that Oz is a child, we're thinking Oz is almost a sure bet to survive the season. Then again, nothing would be as tragic as Ally finally getting the revenge she seeks on Kai, only to lose Oz in the process. But would Ryan Murphy really go there and end the season with a child's murder? Please say no.

Likelihood of survival: 2:1


Speedwagon (Cameron Cowperthwaite) and Kai's alt-right army

Honestly, we can't keep any of these slumber bros straight. They all look the same and have insane names, and now -- right before the finale -- we learn we're allegedly supposed to care about Speedwagon and his undercover spying?! It's pretty clear that being the mole will likely get Speedwagon killed, and we're sure some of his fellow fascist militia men will also fall prey to the fallout of what's to come with the characters we actually know and care about.

Likelihood of survival: Who even cares? Just kill them all.

American Horror Story: Cult airs its season finale on Tuesday at 9/8c on FX.